• I knew I had to be mor consious of my love, but this time, I really knew it was true. The day i met him, when he was with Stacia. The unstrikeingly, young, beautiful head cheerleader. I hated her with all my heart, but I couldnt bring myself to go over and ask him why he was kissing my arch enemy. But then, he looked up. I gasped in sight of his blood stircking, red eyes. I knew at that moment he wasnt kissing her. I looked past his mind, and saw what he was, like me, a vampire. A young, nieve, beautiful vampire. Except, i am not beautiful, nor young. i could tell he was new, he was a newborn. probally only about 34 years old, stuck at the age 17 forever. But me, secreatly, i am 206 years old, stuck at the age 16 forever. But no one seems to be noticeing how different i am. All i knew, is that i had to go over and help him, i had to go and get rid of Stacia. I would have to make up a story, or ridden everyones mind of her. I am going to rid minds. i walk over, and he gasps, nd tries to hide the bite. But he sees i am a vampire. I read his mind. hes thinking all about what to say. so i reach out and say
    "yeah, its okay. i know, your a newborn. how old are you? stuck age and how many years on earth age please?"
    "im 17, and 34 years old. and i can read in your mind that you knew, or guessed my age. and yes, you are right. and yes, i am a newborn. how old are you?"
    "im stuck at 16, and 206 years old. i know, i am old. but hey, what-ya expect from a vampire?"
    "oh, wow. im glad to see i can relate to people here. but i have noticed many creatures here, what kind of school is this?"
    "its an art school for many creatures. but we just keep our mouths shut about ourselves. so rumors dont start to get out. you see, i go to classes fit for vampire teens, and so will you. only the teacher know about us, and i hope parents do too, but some dont. like mine. never brought it up to them..."
    "well, we better get to classes. and yeah, mine dont know eaither..."
    we walk ourselves to class. and somehow, he knew where to go. i never even got his name, so during lunch, which is 6th period, i ask,
    "whats your name? mines Kaselia, or Marie. whichever you prefer."
    "oh, mines Koreo, because im from Kerea, sort of. just born there. my mom was on a trip there, but really, im a Hawian. and so, where you from?"
    "oh, im from here in Calafornia. just tell me if you need to know anything about vampires."
    "yeah, i have to ask, whats about us that makes us different?"
    "well, we have to suck blood. but we can eat, just doesnt taste as good. w only need somewhere around 5-7 mins of sleep. and no, its not true that we cant be in sunlight, its just that sunlight wont help with our pale white skin. also, us vampires will never age, bad anyways. you may get a few pimple or what-not. and the only reason we need to drink blood, is because our bodies dont produse it. our hearts are forever stopped. but yet, we have speacial powers, such as reading minds, which all vampirea can do that. but my extra-speacial power, is i can tell everything from a vampire, just by a look. well, not just vamps, all other things, mortals, aniuals, and whatever eles. and thats about it, any more questions?"
    "yeah, whats my special power? and we run really fst, i figured that. haha."
    "your special power is you can see the future any time you want, just look at a person, and look into there mind, and concentrate as hard as you can, to find thier future. my bff can do that. haha.
    "oh cool, thanks. thas about it."
    "oh, okay!"
    i went home, and told my mom about my day, since shes my vampire caregiver, my dad just doesent know. i was a natural born vampire, just like koreo, which i found out. but since this is the ages group that can change anytime, 12-20, which all born like this, this is just when your body stops. you become sick, and then you sleep for 11 days, and wake up all better, and this happened to me 206 years ago...