• “Mo? Mo wake up your friends are here.” Mo rolled over in bed and slowly opened his eyes. He had just been having an awesome dream where he was battling a dragon with a magic sword. But as he woke up the dream melted away.
    “What time is it?” he asked his mother, who was waiting in the doorway.
    “Nine-thirty. It’s about time you got up,” then with an accusing air, “You weren’t up playing video games again were you?”
    “No I was reading,” Mo lied quickly.
    “That’s hard to believe.” She said while rolling her eyes. “Well, get up. Your friends are waiting on the porch.” She left the room as he got out of bet and started to pull on his favorite jeans. He threw on a somewhat dirty t-shirt that was draped over his computer chair. Turning toward the door he spotted a flyer that had come in the mail the other day advertising the opening of the new art museum. He picked it up and turned it over in his hands to read the cover.

    Celestial City Opens New Art Museum
    Celestial City opens they’re new art museum this Monday at nine o’clock in the morning. The owner, Mr. Roberts Smith, is proud to announce that the new museum has over 200 works of art ranging from sculptures to abstract paintings. The museum features artwork from famous artist from foreign countries to local artists from around the block. Mr. Smith is allowing the first week of visitors in for free. He asks all people of all ages to come and explore the wonders of art in its many forms. See back for tour schedules and expenses when the first week is over.

    Mo placed the flyer back on his desk next to his computer. He thought of telling his friends about the new museum but thought better of it. Tasha would have a fit if they did something that mind-numbing. So he just headed downstairs to the porch where his friends were waiting.
    “It’s about time you got here,” Eric said when Mo arrived.
    “We thought you weren’t coming.” Said Alli. She was sitting on the porch swing next to Tasha.
    “Now that we’re all here, where are we going today?” Tasha asked.
    “I was thinking that we could go check out the new opening of the Art Museum.” Eric suggested.
    “No!” Tasha groaned,” I don’t want to do anything boring. How about the skate park instead? We can watch kids wipeout.”
    “We did that the other day,” Mo pointed out.
    “Way to go Moria, just ruin my protest,” Tasha complained.
    “Don’t call me – “ Mo started to say but Alli cut him off.
    “Stop fighting you two! How about this: We will go to the Art Museum until eleven o’clock then we will go to the skate park until dinner with lunch in between?”
    “Sounds like a plan, let’s go,” Eric said and started walking down the steps.”
    “But – I! Oh, fine I’ll come. That doesn’t mean I have to like it.” Tasha said.
    “I don’t like whining!” Eric called from halfway up the driveway.
    Alli and Mo followed and Tasha came reluctantly a few seconds later. They crossed the busy streets of the town of Celestial. Soon they arrived at the Art Museum. It was a Monday in the middle of summer and the place was almost empty. The four of them walked in and was greeted by a receptionist. Her nametag said “Tina”.
    “Welcome, I hope you enjoy your time in the museum. No, you don’t have to pay this week,” she said as Eric started to pull out his wallet. “The first week is free.”
    “Thank you,” Eric said, putting his wallet back.
    The four of them started to explore the building. It was an old fashion building of sorts with old fireplaces in every other room. Paintings and statues were scattered along the walls and in the middle of the floor.
    “What is that?” Tasha asked pointing to a peculiar painting. “Why is it roped off?”
    “Maybe the artist doesn’t want it to be touched.” Mo suggested.
    “If that’s the case, then I want to touch it.” Tasha said bravely.
    “No! You shouldn’t if it’s roped off.” Alli said, but Tasha was already ducking under the ropes.
    The painting had a strange air to it. It was of a castle on the edge of a forest. There was dragon flying overhead that seemed to be attacking the castle. What looked like wolf men, angels, and humans all alike were defending the castle from the dragon.
    Alli, not wanting Tasha to get in trouble, ducked under to try to stop her friend. Eric followed to help, and Mo, after a quick look around to make sure no one was looking, followed. Alli grabbed Tasha’s arm and Eric grabbed Alli’s to help pull. Mo reached for Tasha’s other as she pulled back toward the painting.
    “Let go!” Tasha complained.
    “C’mon Tasha let’s go back,” Alli pleaded.
    “Um, guys,” Mo started to say. He was now grasping Tasha’s other arm and saw that the painting was glowing brighter as Tasha got closer.
    “Tasha, back away,” Mo said quietly as the light mesmerized him. Then more fiercely, “Tasha get back!”
    “No!” she protested. She could not see the light because she had her back to it so she stepped back and was gone.
    “Ta-“ Eric started to say but he never finished because he stepped toward the painting and disappeared too.
    “Not Eric too!” Alli gasped and started for the painting.
    “No!” Mo shouted and reached for Alli, but tripped and both went tumbling into painting.