• Police man: Hurry!
    Police man 2: Get her!
    Woman with hood: *runs and hides behind a bush while stupid police officers keep running like in cartoons* here take this. *hands black journal to the baby that she was running with in her arms* It's a magic journal. It will keep you safe.

    The Magic Series


    bman: *sits next to a tree and opens journal* hmmm
    email: *comes from out of nowhere* watchya doin'?
    bman: *closes journal* AHH! when did you get here?
    email: uhhh, just now.
    bman: oh, ok
    email: *sits next to bman* so, like i said before, watchya doin'?
    bman: justa' nothin'.
    email: well you got to be doin something.
    bman: well, maybe you have to, but i don't.
    email: *rolls eyes* no really, what are you doing?
    bman: im just drawing. why do you always have to be nosing around in other peoples business?
    email: i don't know. im just bored.
    bman: well if you want to you can watch me.
    email: ok *watches bman draw a snake like figure in his journal* what's that?
    bman: just a doodle. *adds details until it looks like a dragon*
    email: that's cool.
    bman: thanks *writes words in a foreign language above the dragon*
    email: what's that mean?
    bman: you'll see. *writes words in a foreign language below dragon*
    email: *looks at picture as it starts to glow* what the...
    bman: woah, it worked!
    email: what worked?
    bman: i can't believe it worked!
    email: what worked?!?!
    bman: *looks at email and smiles* The Portal to The Unknown Universe
    email: portal?
    bman: yes...