• The wind blows nice and slowly passed the school grounds of some high school. You then see a girl appear walking toward the doors of this school. She has long black hair that reaches past her hips. Her eyes are brown like the ground; she wears a red shirt with a huge X across it. Her skirt which flies in the wind is blue. From her appearance you see that she isn’t human since you catch a glimpse of tiger ears and a tail. She passes by groups of kids with animal features as well. Some walk laughing or grinning at one another. She doesn’t say a word at all as she passes lots of people. In her eyes you see only reflections of the people that pass. In her eyes theirs no life not even a bit of it. She’s dead or well the feeling of it anyway. She has become this way because of what her so called friends have done. She has blocked her emotions from everyone including the ones close to her. Every morning she ignores everyone and goes upstairs. A guy running down the halls quickly jumps onto the stairs; he bumps into her and almost falls. He shoves her out of the way as he quickly grabs onto the rails. She falls all the way down; people walking by or going down stairs see this. They all stop to watch, everything goes quiet. She lands on the cemented ground with a thud. She sits up having only gotten a few scratches, everything quickly comes to life. She sees the guy that pushed her run away; her hair shadows her eyes as she stands. She goes upstairs, the bell rings. All threw her day no one asks her if she’s okay. They don’t ask because threw their eyes they see that she’s alright. Lunch arrives rather quickly; a fight breaks out among the lunch line. She just walks by it having no clue what’s going on. Soon the bell rings for the last class of the day, she walks toward her class. Two guys appear from behind, they both hold knives and a grin across their face. They jump her and hurt her. The late bell rings, the two guys run off laughing. She lies their with blood on her clothes, she sits up with open wounds. A guy with spiked black hair wearing a cloak with eyes of red sees her. He drops his books and runs to her aid. She stands up and sees him.

    Guy “Are you alright?”

    She can see that in his eyes showed life and concerned. She stares into his eyes.

    Girl “Its nothing, I’m okay.”

    Guy “How can you be okay if you’re bleeding? Come on, I’m take you to the nurse.”

    He grabs her arm, her bangs shadow her eyes.

    Girl “Don’t touch me.”

    He stares at her shocked; chains appear from all over and grab him. She yanks her hand away and looks into his eyes.

    Girl “I don’t want them bandaged, these will heal in their own time so don’t bother.”

    Saying that she walks away, he struggles to break free.

    Guy”Hey wait!!

    A chain goes toward him and stabs him, he winces as it withdraws.

    Girl (I’m nothing to you or anyone else so just leave me alone.)

    He hears a door slam, the chains fade and he falls to his knees. She walks toward the street knowing that tomorrow will be even worse then now. The guy runs all over looking for but finds nothing. What he did find was that her name was Monika and that she used to have emotions but that was 5 years ago…