• Alix laid in bed all morning till her nasty alarm clock rung her out of bed. Her mom sat on the couch watching Soap's. Her dad in the kitchen reading the newspaper. Alix didn't fit in anywhere at her house. Her dad and mom where never talking they just did there daily routines.
    Dad's: Sit, drink coffee, read newspaper
    Mom's: Sit, Watch TV, Cry over stupid shows
    Alix didn't get squeezed in to there 'busy' schedules at all.
    Alix's: Stay in bed, watch TV, work hard for food, try to get involved.
    No matter how hard Alix tried to get her parents attention they never removed there eyes from the time eaters. “Mum? Dad?” Alix asked in a soft voice. Her mom didn't budge. Her dad didn't budge. “Ugh...” Alix moaned walking into the kitchen. “Dinner's in the freezer” Her dad said, making Alix jump. That was the first time she heard her father speak to her in a long time. Alix glumly walked to the fridge. She opened it and looked at ice cream, frozen dinners, ice cubes and ice packs. “Ew...” She said softly grabbing a frozen chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans. She stuck out her tongue as she placed it in the microwave. After it started cooking Alix, walked to her laptop and signed into yahoo.
    E-mail: alixbrent991@yahoo.com
    Pass: *********

    She hit sign in and cheacked her mail: empty but she had 1 new IM invite. She clicked it and saw:

    DarcyBlue2: Hey(:

    She quickly wrote back.

    Alixbrent34: OH...hiya D.D
    DarcyBlue2: I need Kim's phone #...
    Alixbrent34: Uh-oh...lol y?
    DarcyBlue2: Do I hav to explain? ):
    Alixbrent34: Nah...here 234-3432 thats her cell phone
    DarcyBlue2: thankz hun
    Alixbrent34: Welcomes lov <3
    DarcyBlue2: smile bai~ get back on aim in 15-20 min
    Alixbrent34: mkay bai~

    Alix closed the AIM window and clicked on myspace.com to see 3 unread messages.
    “Hmm...” She clicked the inbox button cautiosuly.

    SARABEAR123 sent you a message!
    DaniSuperMan sent you a message!
    KatyPWNS sent you a message!

    “Mhm...strange...I haven't talked to Katy in 2 year....i forgot she was even on my friends list.” Alix said a little confused.

    To biggrin eAthRoCker
    Subject:Calling ALL Brent's [last name]

    Hey girly, IM inviting you and your family to come to my SCARY MOVIE popcorn party! Write back a.s.a.p! Lol(:

    From biggrin aniSuperMan
    To biggrin eAthRoCker
    Subject: <3

    Heya beutifulz! We hvn't talked in a lil' while and I hvn't seen you @ skool and I miss you a lot D: Were ya been?

    To biggrin eAthRoCker

    Hey I kno we hvnt talked in ages! I do member' you and do miss you dearly!

    Lov, Katy WildHeart

    “Sigh...I forgot I haven't been at school for the past week because dad and mom” Alix looked down with a sad face. She clicked reply on DaniSuperMan and wrote:

    Dear Dani, I hvnt been at skool for the past week bcause my mom and dad have been sucked into a divorce and they dont talk AT ALL not even to me, they havnt cooked me, nor themselves dinner in a looooooong time, hopefully things will start to look up razz

    with lov, Alix.

    She sent it to him than wrote to the others. She logged off myspace and signed back in to AIM to see DarcyBlue2 logged in.

    DarcyBlue2: Hun, HELP!
    Alixbrent34: Hmm with wat?
    DaryBlue2: KIM! D': she like hates my guts
    Alixbrent34: -hugs- awh its ok I help anyway I can
    DarcyBlue2: -dosen't let her let go-
    Alixbrent34: smile
    DarcyBlue2: Shiz....i gotta go... :'( plz save me!

    “D-darcy...?” Darcy's mom abuseses him, he can't runaway or leave till he's 18...he's only 13; like Alix. Alix shut her computer off. “Where's my dang phone....” Alix Grumbled looking around for her small, slide out keyboard, phone. “Found it...” She mumbled grabbing her phone. She quickily went to inbox than hit new msg. “Darcy? R u ok?” And sent it to Darcy. Alix waited at least 5 minutes before she started panicking. “Ohmygod! I hope Darcy is ok!” She shrieked. Alix ran out of the house slamming the door behind her. She ran as fast as her scrawny legs would allow her to. Alix ran so fast her lungs felt like they were gunna burst. She stopped in the middle of the road and litterly stopped breathing. “Wait! What am I doing? What am I gunna do when I get there? His mom's most likely gunna take me hostage or something!” She started breathing normal again. “Crap! What should I do?!?” She shouted outloud to herself. Alix stood still in the middle of the road thinking.