• 500 years later...
    Sarah Black walked through the dark alley; the crisp night air blew leaves over her feet. Her feet made soft, echo like steps and everything seemed eerily quiet. She turned her head slightly to look behind her; she watched shadows move through the darkness and sped up her steps. Blood pounded in her ears, her breath sped up slightly. There here... She thought quietly and turned a street corner quickly, silent whispers in the wind turned to hisses that seemed to warn her not to look back. Her blond hair bounced on her shoulders and handmade dress swayed by her ankles. Where are my guardians at a time like this?! She asked this question in her mind, and then tripped on her dress.
    Sarah slid her face on the ground and held her hands in front of her face. Blood seeped out of her hands slightly. She turned her back and looked up at a figure that that slowly moved out of the shadows. His black hair blew in the wind and rested on his thighs. His red eyes studied the female on the ground, the bleeding hands. He smiled; his red eyes seemed to be on fire with a shadow glow. Sarah crawled backwards away from him; he reached out a hand and grabbed her shirt collar with lightening reflexes. She flinched and out her hands onto his as he pulled her up eye to eye, his hand was like ice, so cold it almost burned her.
    "Well...Well...” He started his voice smooth and as cold as his skin. "Looks like I found a special treat today..." He smiled slowly, his fang like teeth gleaming under the moon. Sarah stared into his red eyes, terrified. He slowly moved his other hand, grabbing her wrist and brought it to his lips. The smell was intoxicating for him; it was so sweet and made his mouth water. He slowly opened his mouth and slowly licked the scratched up skin and blood.
    Sarah hated this, his tongue felt wet and cold, she started kicking her feet. "Stop this!" She said in a firm voice, but it broke, she felt her fear in her system. Her adrenaline was pumping quickly, Where is everyone?! Help me! She prayed in her mind and closed her eyes. The man looked up from her trembling hand and grinned slowly, then let her hand go.
    "I am not Deo, so you’re not going to die right now...” He said watching her, he felt power and warmness all threw his body. "You going to die by my hands...Slowly for I am going to suck you dry!" She snapped her eyes open and narrowed them at him.
    She relaxed her body and her blue eyes turned a dark black, she felt them coming. "Sorry love...” She said a bit darkly, "But not today...” He narrowed his eyes and sniffed the air; he could smell them coming now. His eyes widened and tilted her head quickly, he had to move fast. He opened his mouth, the wet fangs shined and became longer, and then his eyes glowed deeply red. He lifted his head and brought down his fangs to pierce the muscle and devourer her blood hungrily. But his teeth never made it to the flesh...
    A dark haired boy held his hand out in the way; it was covered in a layer of hard earth. The earth color matched his hair and eyes, his face was blank but Sarah knew he was agitated badly at the scene. Then a boy with red hair and flashing yellow eyes jumped down from the roof, fire surrounding his hand and that crazy smile on his face. He pushed his hand onto the vampire's face; the smell of burning flesh hit her nose and made her make a face. The vampire screamed like an animal in terrible pain, it was a blood curdling scream that caused Sarah to put her hands to her ears. He dropped her and jumped back quickly away from them quickly as if a blur. Sarah stood up slowly and fixed the front of her dress, then smiled to the red haired boy, "Hello Daku!" Then turned to the brown haired boy, "Kyo, you’re late!"
    Kyo looked over at her and smiled slightly, it was a rarely seen thing seen on his face. Daku laughed at the vampire and walked over to Sarah; he ruffled her hair then leaned slightly close to her ear. "Sorry bout that, we had a problem with something...” He whispered softly, Sarah only smiled and nodded calmly.
    She turned to the vampire and smirked, "Its over...Give up!" He only smiled which made her have a bad feeling in her gut and then appeared in front of her in an instant. Daku set his hands on fire but time seemed to slow down in a way. The vampire moved at a normal speed while things around them moved slowly, he pulled his hand back; its fingers were curled in a claw like way.
    "In the name of Deo, DIE!" He yelled and pushed his hand with amazing speed to her mid section.

    To Be Continued...