• Chapter 3: The Male Eye.

    When Kuniko shut the doors behind them helping Kizuni un-pack, "Hey can we do the laundry?" she asked.
    "What?" asked Kuniko with awkwardness in her voice.
    "Can we wash all my clothes, forget about the shoes I left them.." replied Kizuni, "So can we?"
    "Ehe... I'm not good with laundry... ok if I say yes I hang the outing clothes and you fold the pajamas and swimsuits, and underwear, and socks, oh you know what I'm talking about." said Kuniko.
    "Deal." cheered Kizuni.
    "Thank god, I hate folding so much! It's so tiring, and so annoying and so grrrrr!!" said Kuniko, she had lots of bad memories folding clothes, embarrassing memories.
    Kuniko separated the whites from the blacks, and Kizuni got the colored ones.
    They did the colored first, then the blacks, then the whites, then folded and hanged clothes.
    Kizuni lay on the floor with exhaustion and a weird smile. Kuniko lay on the coach on her stomach hungry for food.
    "I'm hungry." said Kuniko thinking, 'I'm exhausted I need some ice cream! Screw this diet!'
    "Already ordered room service!" yelled Kizuni, downstairs near the private pool.
    "How did she get there?" asked Kuniko to herself.
    Kizuni then jumped in the pool making a huge splash, "C'mon Kuniko! Jump in!"

    2 minutes later....

    Kuniko jumped in the pool with her black swimsuit on and a smile on her face. Her thick dark brown hair mixed with black spread around the pool.
    "Man.. you need a haircut." said Kizuni sarcastically.
    "Does my hair look that bad already?" said Kuniko.
    "No, it's just so long, you keep straight hair how?" asked Kizuni getting a notepad and a pencil on the pools side.
    "I honestly don't know." said Kuniko, "And don't start posting beauty tips online that you get from me"
    Kizuni then splashed on Kuniko's face, it turned into a splash fight soon. The both of the girls splashed carelessly, splashing at things with their eyes clothes. (lol, for a minute they ended up just splashing the pools end.

    "WOAH!" yelled a voice, then a bang was heard.
    The girls stopped splashing and there near the pools side was a boy on the floor, Kuniko then automatically splashed at something without looking.
    "HEY WATCH IT!" said a boy in front Kuniko holding his hands out, defending himself from the splashes.
    Kuniko backed away, then hitting a soft object, she turned around and there another boy.
    Kuniko jumped and walked backwards hitting Kizuni hardly.
    "Calm down Kuniko!" said Kizuni holding Kuniko's shoulders.
    "But w- we just broke- broke th- e u-ummm-eh-l-l-aw!" stammered Kuniko, Kuniko was a girl who hated herself each time she did bad things, and usually starts panicking.
    "This isn't my first time you know!" said Kizuni hoping Kuniko would stop panicking. "I used to stalk boys all the time ever since I started reading romance books!"
    "It's true, she's been stalking us for awhile, climbing up the gate and watching us all like an eagle...." said one of the boys.