• You sit in your little white room, waiting for your time,
    to take the pills, and sleep for the rest of the night.
    You see rainbows, and butterflies when they aren't really there.
    You hear voices, the voices of demons,
    you see people, the people of Hell.
    Your insane, you can't help it.
    You scream at the voices, you shout at the people, but they won't leave.

    Now the door creaks open,
    You see a man,
    He's dressed in white.
    He looks at you and smile.
    A smile so devilish you swear he's not real.
    He takes you by the wrist, walks you out of your room and down the hall.
    Your not sure where your going, or why your leaving.
    He stops and look down at you, with another large grin,
    he doesn't say anything, but you get the jist.
    You begin to cry, but it's to late, it's your time.
    Say hello to your marshmallow room!