• ~Kakuzu's Pov~
    I paused in front of the room my partner shared with his girlfriend upon hearing screamiing and a loud crash probably somthing that was thrown. "Why are you doing this to me!?" A womans voice screamed. "What the ******** do you mean 'why'?!" Hidn screamed back as another object was thrown and smashed. "I'm immortal your not! put two and two together!" "So you were pretending this whole time? What about Jashin saying I was accepted, huh?" "Dont bring him into this!" I continued walking so i wouldnt bother them.
    ~Mizamaki's POV~
    My tears were making riveres down my face and he just stood there. "Your acting as if this isnt a big thing! Whats wrong with you!" "I'm saying this so-" "So, what? So that when I die, you wont hurt? Your so selfish!" I interupted him. "Your hurting us both now! At this point I honestly would rather die anyway. Why dont you just sacrifice me?!" I yelled at him making him cringe. "Cause' I dont waht to!" "Ya know? When I die, your still gonna get hurt... if not the same amount then more. You just dont wanna think about it do you! GET THE HELL OUT!!!" I picked up the lamp and threw it at his head, it missed. "GO DIE!" He walked out of the room with out so much as a glance back and slamed the door behind him. I colapsed to my knees and for the first time since my family was murdered.
    ~A week later~
    "Mizamaki. Leader-sama wants you." My partner Kakuzu said through my still untouched door.

    "Yeah? Well I dont wanna see him or anyone else right now!" My eyes still brimed with tears. "You havent come out in a week." "And I dont plan on comming out now!" I looked at the mess that still needed to be cleaned up from the fight. I heard a sigh escape Kakuzu and his foot steps slowly trail away. I sat on Hidan's bed. "I miss you. Please come back to me, Hidan I need you." I yelled into Hidan's pillow. Once again tears fell from my eyes as his scent filled my lungs. "Why dont you come back, I know your hurting to. Please come back." I whispered.
    ~Hidan's POV~
    I felt like I was being torn apart. Ofcourse I still loved her, I always will and nothing can proove otherwise, but sadly she would die and I would continue to live on. I didnt mean to seem selfish and heartless, but I thought maybe I could forget herand maybe it wouldnt seem so bad. I was wrong, horrably horrably wrong. "I'm so sorry Mizamaki. I just cant lose you to death. I dont want to lose you period but somthing had to be done. I'm so so sorry." I whispered to the wind. "If only you understood why." At that point was the first time a tear streaked my face from my purpple eye to the dust ground.
    ~Mizamaki's POV~
    I stared at the untouched door from my spot on the floor, just waiting for him to walk back through it. To my dismay he didnt. As I tore my gaze from the door to the pendant Hidan gave me Tobi walked in. "Why is Mizamaki-chan in her room crying still. She should be out on a mission with Kakuzu-san and-" I glared at him. "Dont say his name!" Tobi flinched at the tone I had chosen. "I'm sorry Tobi. I dont mean to be a b***h to you. I'm just still upset is all." "It's okay Mizamaki-chan.... He didnt the same thing when Tobi told Hidan he should be on a mission with you and Kakuzu-san." I looked at him confused. "He did?" He nodded. "Yup, Tobi dont know why you dont kiss and make up but that's okay, Any who Kakuzu-san and Hidan-san are waiting for you in the lifingroom." If he didnt run out of my room I would have killed the poor kid. I sighed brushed my tangled hair and got dressed in a mini-skirt black strapless bra a black fishnet shirt my ring akatsuki cloak and Hidan's old pendant. When I put the cloak on i realized that it wasnt mine by the scent. Liking the feeling it gave me I kept it on and walked to the living room and like Tobi said there they were, my ex-boyfriend and partner. "Glad to see you joined us Mizamaki." I nodded at Kakuzu and iggnored the saddened look on Hidan's face. I walked out first then Kakuzu and Hidan. Kakuzu took his place between me and Hidan. Most of the trip was scilent untill Kakuzu told us about the kill. The man was heavily guarded.The plan was that I would be bait and trail the man to the woods on the out skirts of the village. When we arived I slid my- uh... Hidan's cloak off and handed it to Kakuzu gently. He looked at me oddly. "You didnt throw it like usual?" "Your point Kakuzu?" Its not yours...is it?" I huffed and walked into the village and i felt Hidan's eyes on me. Once inside I looked around and spoted the man walking around on the street. Then looked for the guards. There were five visable ANBU members watching over him. I smirked and walked over to him. "Hey, cutie." I said as I approched him and winked. An ANBU walked up to us but the man waved him off and I smiled. "wow, you must be important if ANBU wanna keep you away from lil ol' me." He smirked. "Yeah, its because I know information on the akatsuki orginization." I widened my eyes. "really? What do you know that they would be after you?" "Theres supposed to be 3men after me today, and that because of an inside problem two of the three are weak right now plus the locations of all their hideouts." Oh how i wanted to wipe that smug look off his face. "That detailed huh?" "Hey, ya wanna go into the woods right outside the village?" I started to panic on the inside. "You took the words right outta my mouth." We walked in to the woodswith Kakuzu and Hidan in place. I turned and smirked. "You shall die for what you know." I laughed and signaled the others. "Time to die! Guys ANBU to our right left and back." I charged the man and cut his throat while he was distracted, then fought off the ANBU with my partners. I aided Kakuzu as Hidan was cutting the other ANBU. My eyes widened when I say a paper bomb heading straight for Hidan. I raced it to him I beat it but was forced to tak the blow myself. "HIDAN!!!!!" I screamed as it blew up and my body hit the floor.
    ~Hidan's POV~
    I heard Mizamaki scream my name. I turned around to come face to face with blood and a puff of smoke. "s**t." I cursed when I saw her hit the floor. "Kakuzu take care of her! I'll take the ANBU!" Kakuzu nodded and the two swtiched placesKakuzu was at Mizamaki's side stitching her up and I fought the ANBU, for her and only her. "Kakuzu..." I heard her gasp.
    ~Kakuzu's POV~
    I heard my name being pressed out or the young woman on the floor infront of me. "Tell Hidan..... I love him.... and I always... will." I finished up the stitching as she finished her sentence. "I wont have to. By the looks of it you'll live." A small smirk escaped her lips. "I may..." She coughed up blood. "or I may not." She smiled again and then as quickly as it had apeared it vanished off her face when Hidan took his place beside her. "Mizamaki, I'm immortal, you shouldnt have taken the hit."
    ~Mizamaki's POV~
    "I'm sorry... I forgot... you would have just.... taken it" I took breaths between my words struggaling to get them off my tongue. "When the one... you love... is in danger you.. act before thinking." Hidan placed my hand in his. "I'm so sorry."and at that moment he cried for all to see. "Dont cry for me... I'll... I'll live." My smiled returned to my face and I sat up as much as I could and held him, then passed out in his arms coughing up more blood. "I'm sorry still..." Was the last thing I heard before darkness overcame me.
    ~Hours later back at HQ~
    I struggled to open my eyes. When I finally did I came face to face with none other than Tobi. "Um, hi Tobi. Wheres Hidan?" "Hidan-san is doing a rotual I think." A shocked expression came over my complection. "You used 'I'... Thats weired." I smiled and Tobi ran off screaming 'Mizamaki-chan's okay.' through the corridors of the Akatsuki base. A Familiar face appeared before me with another. "Good to have you back Mizamaki." "Good to be back Kakuzu." I smiled again and looked towards the other familiar face. "Hey Dei. Miss me?" The bomber nodded and kissed my forehead. "We all did, hm. You've been out cold for over a week." "No wonder I'm hungry." My smiled grew as they dead paned. Giggling I tried to get out oif the bed, but an arm pulled my wrist and I sat back down. "You were almost human art, hm. your not getting up." Kakuzu nodded in agreement but me being stuborn I pulled away and jumpped over them. I turned winked at them and ran like hell wincing slightly at the slight pain. I approched Hidan'sdoor nad opened it. Nothing. I ran to Kakuzu's room. nothing. "Damn it. Where is he?" I snapped my fingers and ran to the only other place he'd preform a ritual.... our room. I walked into the room silently and low and behold there he was. His eyes were closed and even with the variety of weapons sticking out of him he looked at peace for once. I quickly pulled out the weapons and before he opened his eyes I jumpped on him hugging him tightly. "Dont you ever do that again!" He yelled. I just snuggled into his chest. "I'll try." "You scared the s**t out of me. Why'd you do it?" "I told you." I looed up at him. " I love you, if it had been anyone else I honestly wouldnt have cared, except maybe Kakuzu. We need him." I giggled again and he smiled. "Oh yeah, Hidan what did you say when I passed out?" "Hm? Oh, that. I said 'I'm sorry, I still love you. Dont loeave me alone yet.' " "Did you mean it?" "Yes." I moved up further on his body and placed my lips gently on his as if he would break under my touch. He kissed back and I pulled away a short while later. "I did say together forever when you asked me out right?" He smiled. "You did, but how will we be together forever?" "Easy, I become a Jashinest." It was my turn to smile and he frowned. "How?" "well i guess I should tell you huh?" "Tell me what?" "Well, Hidan.... a few days before I took the hit for you... I found you book and studied up, I became a Jashinist." I shiffted uncomfortably and slid off him as I spoke. "So even if Kakuzu hadnt fixed me up, I would still be here before you." "Why the hell didnt you tell me!?"I cringed as his anger rose."Jashin-sama told me not to." "Why?" "I have no idea... but I just broke my promis to him... for you..."