• The sun rose over the beautiful white moutain causing it to glow brilliantly. The light touched the earth with gentle warm strokes of sunlight. The bright light crossed over the treetops revealing the shades of orange and red. I stared above me realizing I wasn't at home on my comfy bed with my bright blue down feather blankets. I rubbed the shining light out of my eyes and picked all the little leaves out of my hair. A quick flash caught my eye and I got up looking around lost and confused. I stared out, far until my eyes became sore. My mind was content on the moving object I had saw. BAM! Something had pushed me to the ground knocking the air out of me.

    "OW! That hurt's!" I yelled, unaware of what was in front of me.

    I blinked my eyes a few times to clear the cloudiness. I young girl pinned me down to the muddy ground. Her teeth glistened in the shaft of sunlight shining through a gap in the trees. They were sharp and long and she bared her teeth at me, a rumble coming from her throat.

    "Who are you? And why do..." I was cut off when she stopped me.
    "I am Lanolia, I have come from the mountains in search of food. You are on enemy border, they will kill you." she whispered quietly.

    She got up and released me from her grip. Then she smiled a big happy smile and I smiled back.

    "You're strong, you really knocked me out." I said changing the subject.
    "I am sorry, how 'bout we get off the border first." Lanolia said quickly.

    I followed her through the thick brush. She led me over a weathered out boulder. I paused catching my breath. She was really fast and quiet. she muttered a few things on the way and she led me towards the fields where the sun shone brightly. I laid on the tall soft grass staring at big white fluffy clouds. Luckily the ground wasn't moist so I wouldn't have to get wet again.
    I got up and looked at her for a moment and said,

    "Are you human? The speed and strenght you have, it's unbelievable!"
    "Are you human? Look at yourself! Wow, you're amazing!" she answered ecstatically.
    "What do you mean?" I asked tilting my head confused.

    I lifted my hand in front of me then my jaw dropped. I wasn't human I was...

    wink Wait for the second to find out what happens. blaugh