Another visitor was waiting for us when we got back home. This one was a male, about six feet tall, and looked deadly. I was almost sure that he was a vampire.

    “Vladamire,” Jake said, nodding. I held back a giggle. Vladamire seemed like the perfect name for a vampire. Vladamire nodded in his direction, but his gaze stuck on me.

    “She is not fully turned,” he said, and then looked at Jake. “Sloppy work, Jacob,” and he started to walk towards me. I stood absolutely still as Vladamire motioned for me to come to him. When I didn’t move, his eyes flared with rage, but died down almost immideitly.

    “I didn’t do it,” Jake said in a flat tone.

    “And yet she seems obedient to you,” Vladamire observed. I growled at him. Jake laughed without humor.

    “She is obedient to no one,” Jake said. When Vladamire raised an eyebrow, Jake continued. “She killed the one who created her.” Vladamire’s other eyebrow raised, so that both of them were arched. I smiled.

    “Huh,” was all he said. He stood there for a minute, and then spoke carefully. “Maria was unable to retrieve her today, so I took it upon myself to come and talk with you reasonably, she can be… a little forward,” Vladamire smiled to himself. Jake grabbed my arm and pushed me behind him.

    “I am willing to buy her from you,” Vladamire said. “10,000 dragmas for the girl, and I will make sure she is fully turned,” he smiled expectiantly, apparently expecting Jake to just hand me over. I suddenly froze. We didn’t know each other that well, and it soundd like that was a lot of money. What if Jake did just hand me over? I started to tremble.

    I felt Jake hesitate, and my heart dropped. He was thinking about it.

    “That is a lot of money,” Jake began. I was close to tears, how could he do this to me? “A man would have to be insane to turn that down.” I dropped to the floor, out of his grip. He was selling me. I was so upset that I almost missed his next words.

    “So I guess I must me insane, because no way no how am I handing over this girl,” he snarled, yanking me to his side. Vladamire’s face was shocked, while mine was beaming.

    “She is just a girl! What use is she to you, anyhow? You live among the human world, and she is no use there!” he growled at Jake. I was finished with him talking like I wasn’t here.

    “I would never have gone with you, I have a mind of my own, and I cannot be sold,” I said distinctly. Vladamire scowled at me.

    “Speak when you are spoken to, not before,” he spat at me. Fury ignited itself in me, and I exploded.

    “I’m not a ******** pet!” I screamed. “I can talk whenever the ******** I want to! I can do whatever I want! Not you, nor any other person, controls me!” I shouted, seething. Vladamire reached out and slapped me across the face. I gasped.

    “Learn to control her, Jacob,” Vladamire said to Jake. “She cannot be taught to run wild, she must be obedient.” Vladamire handed a piece of paper to Jake. “You have 48 hours to hand over the girl, or it’s war.” With that he walked off the porch, disappearing into the shadows.

    “What a slim ball!” I said, as Jake let us inside. I was so angry that the lightbulbs over head exploded, plunging the hall into darkness. I heard other things exploding, but I couldn’t stop.

    Jake reached over and grabbed me. At first I struggled, but then his lips touched mine and I stopped. I chanled my energy into kissing him, and the explosions became more infrequent, until they stopped completely. He pushed me against the wall, still kissing me. Then he picked me up and carried me through the darkness.

    I felt him nock open a door and then he was placing me gently on his bed. I stopped kissing him and looked up at him. My new vampire eyes allowed me to see him. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to.

    “We only have two days” he reminded me. Oh. We might not live after that. I pulled his mouth back to mine.

    I woke up in the morning with Jakes arms around my waist. At first I was startle as to why I was laying in Jakes bed, naked. And then it all came flooding back to me. I sat up quickly, waking up Jake, who jumped out of bed, looking ready for a fight.

    When he fully woke up, and saw that it was only me he relaxed. I giggled, looking at his naked body in a slightly hostile pose. I slumped back in bed and just stared at the ceiling.

    That was my first time, what we’d done last night. I was in a state of bliss, until the events of the day before came rushing through my mind. I scrunched my eyes shut, trying to push away the images, and not quite succeeding. I felt Jake come back into bed and kiss my forehead. I opened my eyes and looked over at him.

    “It’s going to be okay,” he lied, looking intently into my eyes. I tried to smile, but just couldn’t. He kissed my nose, and then got up to get dressed; we had a lot of work cut out of us.

    While he called every vampire he knew, spreading the news, I sat and sipped coffee. He was on the phone for hours, and a lot of the answers to his call for help were neggitive. At last he slammed down the phone and put his face in his hands.

    “It’s gonna be okay,” I whispered. Then the doorbell rang, and Jake didn’t move, so I got up to answer it. I walked over, my feet padding across the wood. “Who is it?” I asked tiredly.

    “I’m being polite, girl, I could have just showed up un announced, so I suggest you let me in,” said a cool voice, right on the other side of the door. There was a menacing undercurrent that willed me to open the door and step aside, and to hold myself upright and attentive.

    What I saw startled me. The woman at the door had a head of brilliant red hair down to her waist, and had a very pale skin tone. Her eyes were spring leaf green, brighter then they should be, and she had a very serious expression. She wore a small green outfit, similar to what tinker bell had worn. What startled me though, were the magnificent wings, fluttereing softly behind her. She was tall, gorgeous, and absolutely terrifying.

    “Who are you?” I asked again. She raised an eyebrow at me, as if I was plenty dumb to not know who she was.

    “Malinda, Fairy Queen,” she said dryly. Then, immedietly, Jake was shoving me behind him and he was growling at Malinda, and had the scariest face I had ever seen, aimed towards the fairy queen. She just smiled slightly, seeming completely at ease,

    I wasn’t. I was so scared I was about to run in the other direction, and Jake wasn’t even crouched at me. No doubt I would be running if I were in Miranda’s shoes.

    “What do you want” Jake growled. I wondered why he was being so hostile, she hadn’t done anything to hurt us. Yet.

    “I’m here to offer my services against Vladamire” she sneered when she said his name. “I have heard that you need some help and well… here I am” and with that she smiled, showing perfectly white teeth.

    “You’re a fairy?” I asked, stunned. They ignored me. Jake relaxed out of his stance and began conversing with Malinda, but still looked suspicious. I couldn’t hear a word they said. A white noise seemed to fill my ears, and then it all went black.