• 7 months later

    Lorien sipped her tea again, staring down at the lovely kingdom that now belonged to her. She marveled at the bustling streets and the lively crowds that she saw down below her.
    Lorien wished she could be among them, laughing, socializing. She set down her cup on the table and walked towards the rails of the balcony, holding on to them as she leaned slightly to get a closer look.

    She smiled as she saw the familiar mop of light brown hair floating through the crowd. Her face dropped slightly. Lorien hadn’t seen Lucas for months and she missed his company.

    “Is everything alright Your Highness?” Lorien’s personal servant, Mildred, asked her politely. As polite as Mildred was, Lorien still wasn’t used to having different people around. Before, she had Lucia, her mother, and Mrs. Coldwell, her old personal servant. Now, she had Samuel, her new husband and new king of Bright Splendia, Mildred, her new personal servant and Dmitri, Samuel’s personal servant. As much as she loved her new life, she still missed her old one.

    “Your Highness?” Mildred asked again quietly. Lorien turned to face her with a smile.

    “Yes, everything’s fine Mildred. It’s just that, I sometimes get lonely in the castle. I want to be there among my people. I want to help them as a friend for once, not a princess,” Lorien said sighing. Mildred brightened slightly.

    Mildred was a young and cheerful and she had been abandoned by her family when she was very young. She spent most of her life stealing from peddlers and shop owners in the market place. That was until Princess Lorien found her of course.

    “Maybe His Majesty King Samuel will allow you to go. After all, it’s good that you want to understand your people better. It will be a great gift to the people and a nice change for you to get out of the castle and finally see your kingdom for what it is Your Highness,” Mildred said cheerfully, clapping her hands in joy. Lorien clapped her hands with glee and quickly ran to Samuel’s watch tower where he always was.

    Just as always, when Lorien arrived at his special tower, he was sitting at his desk writing letters to his family. By his side was his personal servant, Dmitri. Lorien bowed to Dmitri politely when she entered and he returned her gesture. Samuel stared at Lorien with a bright smile and immediately stood up from his chair to kiss her.

    She smiled when their lips parted and Samuel smiled back and went to sit back down at his desk.

    “My dear, you are looking beautiful today. But I sense that there’s something you want to ask me. Is everything alright darling?” Samuel asked as he continued to write without looking at Lorien as he spoke. Dmitri looked at her with suspicion.

    Lorien cleared her throat quietly. “Um, darling, it’s a beautiful day don’t you think?” Lorien said with a bright smile on her face. Samuel suddenly looked up from his letters.

    “Mm?” Samuel asked, wondering what Lorien was thinking.

    “Yes, and the marketplace looks absolutely joyous today. I was thinking maybe I should take a look around, socialize with our people. They need to get to know their leaders after all, and wouldn’t it be lovely if I step out of the castle for a while and see our kingdom for what it is, making sure that no trouble is stirring out there to cause a war,” Lorien said brightly, like a little child asking politely for candy.

    Samuel stared at her for a moment with a blank expression on his face. He didn’t know what to say to her. Then he suddenly stood up and took hold of Lorien’s hands in both of his.

    “My dear, don’t you think it will be a bit dangerous for you to go out there, even if you are being escorted by someone. I do agree that it is a wonderful day but wouldn’t you much prefer to sit in the lovely gardens or perhaps marvel at our kingdom from above on the balconies. You love doing that don’t you? You do it morning with Mildred. Wouldn’t you much prefer that?” Samuel asked, almost in a pleading way.

    Lorien looked down at the ground and let go of Samuel’s hands like a pouting child. “But I want to go out and see our kingdom Samuel. Please…” Lorien pleaded. Samuel grumbled in frustration and went back to sit down at his desk.

    Lorien grumbled back. “Why not Samuel? I can bring Mildred with me and she’ll take care of me, and there are soldiers watching over the markets all the time. I’ll be in safe hands Samuel,” Lorien pleaded angrily. Dmitri stood quietly watching them fight without a single emotion on his face.

    “I said no Lorien and that’s my final answer,” Samuel said loudly and went back to writing his letters without intending to say another word on the matter.

    Dmitri looked at Lorien and nodded at her, gesturing for her to leave. She sighed and slammed the door shut as she left.

    When Lorien got to the bedroom, Mildred was waiting for her. She jumped up cheerfully when Lorien walked through the door.

    “What did His Majesty say? Can we go?” Mildred asked cheerfully. Lorien didn’t answer her.

    Instead she ran to her wardrobe and pulled out her hooded cape. She didn’t need Samuel’s permission to leave the castle.

    She quickly wrapped it around her yellow dress and headed for the door.

    “Your Highness!” Mildred called to her but Lorien just turned around and put her finger to her lips and ran off. She swiftly ran down the stairs and ordered the guards to let her out. No one could say no to her.

    Dmitri looked out the window with his red eyes and turned to look at Samuel who was still writing letters to his family in Translutia.

    “Samuel, your Queen has just snuck out under your nose and you’re just going to let her go like that?” Dmitri asked coldly, standing at Samuel’s side.

    “Of course not Dmitri, I’m not that careless. I can’t be anymore, I’m the king remember? Follow her, and make sure she doesn’t bump into anyone… unwelcoming,” Samuel said coldly, getting out of his chair to stand by the window to see his Queen running out of the castle gates. When he turned around, Dmitri was already gone.

    Lorien quickly found her way to the marketplace. It was a whole different world to her. It was so lively and happy. Only the soldiers on patrol knew who she was and they dared not to draw too much attention. But something caught her eye. A mop of light brown hair moving through the crowds, and she knew exactly who it was.