• It all happened last year in October. I had come home from school a bit earlier and no one was home. I was bored cuase the tv ish boring.(i did not yet have my laptop and the computer sucked. SO SLOW gonk ) Then all of a sudden when my Aunt, Uncle, and Uncle's friend came in the house with a dog cage. The only better thing than the doggie's cage was the doggy walking by their sides. I thought it was the Uncle's friend's dog until they said they got him for me. I was so happy wappy to get a doggy considering in teh house i now live in there used to be two uncles and two aunts living here with meh. Too many old people right?! But now I have a young companion by my side to go through it with. My mutt Onyx.(who happens to be at my my side this very moment as I type this story for you. Yes this is a true story. Onyx (the doggy) is mixed with pug and terrier. He has an underbite which makes him soo much cuter! XD When people insult my dog by calling him ugly or saying I look just like him I say my mutt is sexeh thank you very much. (actual quote) He used to have a mohawk(born with it), but he had fleas and ticks so he got a hair cut.*sob* Well that is it for now. Byee!(that picture is him)
    :nod: byee :nod: