• Chapter 1

    The Admirer

    Today was my first day at my new high school in Oregon, so I really didn’t have friends but as I was walking home I walked by some pretty extraordinary forest but I thought to myself if I go in I might get lost and not find my way out so I just decided to head home. When I got home I told my parents what had happened at school and on my way back. They told me not to go in the forest alone by myself, so I didn’t go. Everyday as I passed by the forest I felt like someone was watching me but I didn’t stop to see because then my parents would get worried. Then weeks passed and I started to make friends and I suddenly forgot about the forest . Then one day I decided to walk home by myself because I wanted to think a little. So as I was walking home some one called my name but I thought to myself “No one is around”.
    Then I heard my name again, “Hailey…”
    No one…
    “Whose there?” I said.
    Dead silence.
    Then I heard my name again.
    “Hailey…” It said.
    “What do you want from me?” I asked.
    When I said that I started to walk again but someone kept calling my name but this time it was louder and closer.
    “HAILEY…” It said.
    I kept walking faster.
    “HAILEY COME…” It said.
    Then I felt someone behind me so I stopped dead in my tracks. No one was their but I felt it so close to me it was as if I felt its breath next to my ear. I turned around. No one. I turned back and no one was their… Nothing but me and the cool, crisp trees. Then I saw sort of like a shadow behind me so that’s when I really started to get scared. At the same time I also had a feeling of excitement washing over me. It was a good feeling but strange, too. Then it called out to me again.
    “Hailey.” He said again.
    “Who is it?” I said
    He replied, “ I’m your secret admirer. I have been watching you from afar ever since you moved to Oregon.”
    “Really?” I said
    “Yes, I think you are very beautiful.” He replied.
    “Well can you come out of the forest?” I questioned.
    “I’m afraid I can’t do that…” he said.
    “Why not?” I asked
    “Are you still their?” I told him.
    “Yes I am.”
    “Why won’t you come out then?”
    “Because I have a secret that I can’t tell you.” He answered seriously.
    So I asked him, “So you want me to go into the forest because you don’t want me to find at your secret because then I will tell everyone what I had encountered here? Do you really think I’m that kind of person because if you do then I will tell you right now that I am the EXACT opposite.”
    He responded, “No, no its not that it’s just that this is something that no one is supposed to know about.”
    “Well I have to go but I’ll come back tomorrow because it is getting late, OK?” I finally said.
    “OK, I have to go, too. I have to take care of business later. Bye” He said with a joking tone.
    “Bye. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
    “And I’ll be here tomorrow.” He said jokingly.
    We both laughed. He had one of the most cutest laughs ever.
    “Oh, Can I ask you one more thing?” I said
    “What is it?” He said
    “What is your name? You never told me what your name was. Is that a secret, too, or what?” I said jokingly.
    “No that is not a secret. My name is Alexander, Alexander Cuttingham.” He said
    “Oh, that is a great name. Mind if I call you Alex?”
    * * * *