• I slowly got up that morning and got dressed in my normal white dress shirt and jeans outfit ,but one thing was different it was summer so no school you might ask why I dressed that way it was because me and my friends were going to the shopping mall.It didn't sound like fun for me but anything to be with my friends.It was 7:00AM so no one else was up except my big brother who was sitting at the table eating a bowl of cereal.
    "Where are you going?"He asked as I came in
    "Later I'm going to the shopping mall with my friends."I replied calmly
    "Oh."He went back to his cereal a few moments later the phone rang
    "Hello."I answered
    "Hey!"Katherine's voice was like a small bell in the phone"We're almost there!!"
    "All right."I replied as the phone went dead ,and a few seconds later a car horn was honking In the street there was a van and a girl with light brown hair ,and jeans jumped out that was Katherine.I quickly walked to the van and Katherine pushed me to the way back seat.Siting next to me was a girl with dark brown hair with a black shirt and pants on that is Kiersten.Siting in front of me and Kiersten were Katherine and her sister Bethany who had blond hair driving was our friend Bree who had Brown hair with blond highlights and her boyfriend Steven who had dark brown curly hair.
    "You ok?"I asked Kiersten as she was looking out the window as they rest chatted happily
    "Fine just tired."She said putting her hand on mine and her head on my shoulder
    "Sleep then love."I whispered to her
    "I might."
    After a few seconds she was out when we got to the mall I light whispered in her ear"Wake up we're here."
    Finally Katherine,Bethany,and Bree shouted at the top of thier lungs"WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!" ,and Kiersten jumped and grinded her teeth after that the day was very uneventful until we were about to leave as we were about to a twor men came up and said
    "Are you Kiersten Darkwood?"One asked
    "Yes." she said all of our laughter cut off
    "Good."he said and three thing seem to happend at once
    1)One jumped towards Kiersten Growling with fangs (He was a vampire)
    2)I jumped at him expolding into a giant white wolf (I was a shapeshifter)
    3)A little girl and her mother screamed
    I grabbed his neck and slamed it into the concrete floor I heard Bree gasp as Steven jumped towards us changing into a black wolf.
    Damn I really liked that shirt Steven thought
    Yeah that dress shirt was the last I had I thought back
    Steven grabbed the other vampire neck threw him towards the ceiling as a pack of wolves came
    Sorry we're late boss A Light brown wolf named Zack thought
    Its ok Steven thought
    Sterling go we can handle it from here A light gray wolf named Jacob thought
    Kiersten ran into that store I turned to see a boys clothing store So go find her A dark gray wolf named Travis thought
    Ok hurry though I thought as I ran into the store Once I was out of sight I changed back to human (Naked sadly) And put a pair of jeans and a T-shirt on.At the way back of the store Kiersten was in the corner in a ball crying. As I came forward She looked up her face red form crying I sat in front of her And she pulled me into a hug banging my head on the corner.
    "Sterling?"She said tearfully pulling me closer
    "I love you I'm sorry you have to deal with the vampires."
    "It's ok it's fun."I said and Kiersten cried a little more into my T-Shirt "Really it's fine."
    More tears came on to my shirt and after a while I pulled back and pulled her on my lap her arms around my neck her head on my heart.
    "Why did you run in here?"I asked trying to sound joking
    "I *cry* don't know just did"She said as I picked her up and carried her out of the store only Bree was there.
    "Come on."She said leading us out of the mall and to the van me and Kiersten sat in the back again Bree was silent the whole time after a while we got to Kiersten's house
    "Kiersten wake up you need to go home and convice your parents you're going to bed."
    "Ok will you be there?"She asked not opening her eyes
    "It's very Edward Bella like but yes."
    "OK."She said getting out of the car it was 9:07PM she went in the house and I ran around to the back and jumped up in a tree that touched her room's window opened the window and got in she was at the door lightly smiling I layed on the bed and she layed under my arm but before she went to sleep I had to give to give her a kiss.
    "You're a jerk."she said as I pulled my lips away
    "Why?"I said with a smile
    "You want me to sleep after you give me a kiss."
    "Sorry."I said laying my head back on the pillow and she layed her head on my heart and she pressed deeper into sleep hopefully tomorrow would be different......

    -Thank you for reading