• The sun begins to set, and colors, brilliant pinks, oranges, and yellows start to burn on the clouds. She takes his hand and, as their fingers interlace, sparks fly. The wind blows through her hair, making the light, soft brown curls dance. The sun sinks lower, and the pinks, oranges, and yellows melt from light purple, and red, to dark, seductive purple and blue hues. Soon, the sun is gone, and stars twinkle from all corners of the sky.
    She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a bright red lighter called Cherry b***h. Leaning over, she begins to light tiny pieces of grass, watching them ignite, and smelling them burn. He leans over, his face next to hers, and takes the lighter from her hand, bringing it 2 inches or so away from his mouth to where a cigarette rests in between his lips. She smiles.
    "Hey, that's my Cherry b***h, go get your own." She laughs, and takes the cigarette from him, wiping the cherry away on the ground.
    "Besides, smoking's terrible for you." He stares at her, stunned.
    "Hey woman, that's a horrible way to waste my good money." She laughs again, and settles her head on his stomach. They look up at the stars, hours pass and feel like minutes, when they're together, sense of time just disappears. Now, clouds have covered the stars, and rain shoots down from the sky. In the distance, she sees a sliver of mellow sun appear, and feels the warm needles of heat pleasantly piercing her wet skin.
    He stands up, and she sits, staring at him.
    "Where are you off to?" She says, pulling his pant leg, trying to pull him down.
    "It's about time to get you home." He pulls her up and hugs her, they embrace for what could've been hours, if the sun wasn't sitting just perching on the horizon. They pull away, and she smiles, her cheeks a slight pink with blush. The sun reflects off her big eyes, revealing their brilliant blue color. They lock hands again, walk to the car, and drive off. The only trace they left; a half-smoked cigarette, their footprints in the damp grass, and a faint trace of love.