• Every day i wait for the moment i can be by myself stare
    to play in my domain with my games on my shelf
    hours and hours just playing one game
    so fun because this stuff never gets lame mrgreen
    Halo 3 is where its at cool
    shooting, blasting, and all of that
    getting mad when you get betrayed scream
    t-bagging when the other team gets randomly sprayed blaugh
    Gears of War 2 gots all the gore
    with big muscles,big guns,and a whole lot more
    Playing these games gets you in the zone
    Screaming when your mad gonk and rejoicing when you PWN rofl
    But not all games are this hardcore eek
    some are family fun that makes you want more 3nodding
    mario kart, rockband, guitar hero, which ever you play question
    playing with friends is a party each day biggrin smile xd wink surprised
    respect to gamers who read this short rhyme
    we might meet some other time
    when your doing ur thing playing online
    ill be the one that splatters you from behind ninja
    wahmbulance -Joker and the hammy{GT on LIVE: hammy down} wahmbulance