• Chapter 9

    It was a sunny day in London. The birds were singing and the breeze blew in warm from the south. William was opposite to the weather. He was locked up in his room sorounded by darkness. His stare was cold and he hasn' t eaten anything but icecubes ever since Serenity left. He was in depression. He just sat with his knees up on his bed. Next to him, stood a bucket of ice. He just sat there, staring at the nothingness. He pulled out an icecube and began to suck on it.
    "She... loved me... she kissed me... we did it... and then the next day... she goes? I'm completely over her." William sounded like women except that he's eating icecubes and not chocolate. "Even if she died, I would not care one bit......." He then doubted that opinion.
    "Wow, William?" The curtains bursted up revealing Russell in his HQ uniform standing on his window sill.
    "Russell?" William's eyes needed time to adjust to the light of the outside.
    "Hey Will, what's with all this darkness?"
    "I'm on depression..."
    "Oh... for a minute there I tought you were on your period." Russell chuckled.
    "Hardy har har. Screw off, Russell."
    "Hey hey I was just kidding."
    "What is your business here, Russell?" Russell's smile turned into sorrow. "What's wrong?"
    "I have bad news, William..." William got worried. Russell began to cry. Something you didn't see every day.
    "What is it!? Stop crying and spit it out already, you lady!!! Sheesh. I'm beginning to wonder who's on his period..."
    "SERENITY'S DEAD!!!" Russell yelled. William gasped.
    "W-What? t-that can't be. You're bluffing."
    "She was so... sweet to me and Rin. Dammit!"
    "What h-happened to her?"
    "Matthew killed her, man." He said in between sobs. "Matt betrayed us and killed her." Russell couldn't take it anymore so he left. William was paranoid. His eyes were wide open and he wasn't even blinking.
    "S-Serenity's dead?" William's body became numb for five seconds. After that, his eyes turned a shining red. He sat up and hugged his knees. He began to swing back an forth like a demented. The more he swinged, the tighter he pressed his fingers against his skin. So tight, he began to press open wounds. The pain was much but he didn't yell. He just pressed his teeth down and cried. His body tempeture rised up and his head was filled with rage against Matt. He had no idea who Matt was but he always had the feeling Matt was bad news for Serenity.

    Lawrence entered the room, an hour later. He opened the door and saw William's bed stained with blood. He turned around and saw William standing behind the door. William had his eyes closed, as if he were sleeping yet his body was in motion. He opened them and Lawrence caught sight of his red eyes and gasped.
    "M-Master William... your... eyes..."
    "You like 'em? Too bad this is the last time you'll see them." William growled coldly.
    "W-What... are you?"
    "I don't know." He pulled out a knife from behind and walked closer to Lawrence. When Lawrence saw it, he panicked and backed up farther into the room.
    "M-Master, what are you doing?" William smiled a grin. Suddenly, his eyes turned back to normal and he lowered his hand.
    "Ah! Lawrence, help me! I don't know what's going on. You have to help me now!!" He said in his normal voice. Then once again, his eyes turned back to the frightful red it had before and without hesitation, William stabbed Lawrence sixteen times in random places of his body. After a few minutes, he regain consciousness and when he realized what he had done, he became paranoid again.
    "Oh my God. What have I done? I killed Larry... what's going on? What's going on? What's going on?" He repeated.

    Night fell and William was still locked in his room. He threw Lawrence's corpse inside his bathroom and locked it under key. He was struggling in bed. His eyes were changing from red to normal and vice versa quickly. He clutched down to his bed and bit his pillow as he tried to restrain this weird thing within him. One day passed by, it was already 3 'o clock. William was still struggling in his room He couldn't take it anymore. The pain was too much. He stopped bitting his pillow and yelled. He yelled so loud. Oscar, who was coming up the driveway heard him. He dropped his suitcase and ran to his room.

    He stormed down the hall to William's room.
    "William! William!" He banged the door loudly. "OPEN UP!!!" William just kept yelling. His eyes turned red and some veins near the eyes and on the neck became visible under the skin. "William! William! Son! Open the door!" Williams yells faded. Oscar let go of the doorknob and the door bursted open. Oscar stepped inside into the dark room. The air from the air conditioner suddenly struck his face. "S-Son?"
    "Hello, father." William said. Oscar looked around but couldn't see him.
    "Where are you, Will?"
    "Doesn't matter... you're going to pay everything you've done to me. You are going to regret throwing mom out of the house..."
    "Why did you throw her out, dad?" William's voice asked.
    "Where are you and I'll tell you..." Oscar was the kind to handle things by making offers or deals. He never changes.
    "I'm in the room. Now tell me."
    "I-I threw her out because she was stubborn. She would always defy me. She was a loud mouth. She always yelled. And... the day we dicided to have children-"
    "The day you had sex?" Oscar looked down.
    "Yes... anyway, that night, she told me she had to leave. She wouldn't tell me where so I ignored her and continued with the night. While she slept, I had some men lock her up for nine month. When she gave birth, I took you and threw her out."
    "That's it?"
    "Yes... it's none of your business. Why do you ask?"
    "Curiosity..." William appeared from behind. "I hate you. You destroyed my mother and my life... and for that you'll pay." William's eyes gleemed bright red. Oscar noticed as he turned around.
    William pulls a bloody knife from behind and smiles a grin. He pushes Oscar down to the floor with such power, Oscar slid across the room. William walked closer still with the same face. "WHAT ARE YOU?!" Oscar yelled afraid.
    "I'm not human." He stabbed him on the head thrice and then on his chest. His eyes were like rubies in the dark and in his face he wore a big grin. He kept stabbing and stabbing and suddenly, his eyes returned to it's normal color. He saw his father's bloody corpse and dropped the knife in form of hesitation. He looked around and panicked. He needed help. He opened the door and walked out of the room. His arms and legs were covered in innocent blood as he walked down the corridor leaving a bloody path. He placed his hands on his head and pressed them down as if squeezing his head leaving blood stains all over his hair.

    He walked over to the other side of the mansion and flatly entered Lady Ann's room. She was brushing her hair on her vanity and did not notice him entering. Until she saw his horrid reflection on the mirror.
    She gasped and turned around. "William?!" Elizabeth came running into the room and fell when she noticed William.
    "Huh?" She slowly stood up. She saw William covered in blood and also gasped as she placed her tiny hands over her mouth. "Willy? What happened to you?" William's eyes turned red and pulled out the knife that Lady Ann had on her tray with sliced fruits.
    He smiled another grin and left out a sinister chuckle. "Oh I'll tell you what's wrong."

    He killed his stepmother and her daughter with pleasure. Whas this vengeance or blinded rage?

    Meanwhile, Rin and Russell, both disguised as humans, were drinking some coffee on a sidewalk cafe when Rin senses an immense ratio of soul. So immense she almost choked on her drink.
    "Rin, are you okay?" Russell asked as he patted her back.
    "Y-Yeah... did you sense that?" She asked as she searched for the scent of the soul.
    "Yeah but I don't think we should go bother it. Our job is to prevent human souls from getting into other realms. Maybe Taylor or some other soul watcher are probably taking care of whatever creature this soul belongs to."
    "That's impossible. Soul watchers are supose to be at HQ while registrating their soulbooks. They shouldn't be allowed here. And besides, don't you think that if they were here, we would've sensed there souls?" Russell sat quietly. "C'mon. We've got side work to do. Don't forget to tip the waitress." Rin said as she grabbed her handbag and jacket. Russell stood up and dropped the tip on the table as he fallowed Rin.

    In no time at all, Rin and Russell were dashing through the London trees. They had already changed and were each on there HQ uniforms.
    "I have a bad feeling about this, Rin..." Russell said as he landed on another branch.
    "The scent also carries a bloody smell..."
    "And it leads us to..." Rin sighed. "Robertson States." They both said as they reached the house, which was on the other side of the street.
    "Let's go."

    William had just finished killing everyone on the mansion. His eyes were filled with tears as he remembered Serenity. "It wont be soon 'till someone notices..."

    "Ugh what is that smell?" Rin asked as she climbed in through the window of William's room. She landed inside in a blood puddle. "Oh my G-God..." She said in shock.
    "What is it?" Russell asked as he entered. That's when he caught sight of Oscar's corpse.
    "Who did this?" Rin asked as she looked around.
    "Probably the subject at hand." He grabbed Rin by her hand and pulled her. "C'mon."

    They were both running down the hallways searching for the source of such massive soul when they heard a loud beast roar.
    "What kind of thing can carry so much soul? This is abnormal." Rin exclaimed as she turned right down the stairs.
    "I know. It's even got more soul then a demonice." Rin stopped abruptly and turned to Russell.
    "I think we should go."
    "W-What? Why?"
    "A creature far more powerful then a demonice? Only the brothers are. Seriously! We could die."
    "I'd die proud for HQ anytime. Would you?" He said with a serious look.
    "W-Well yeah but... we should get backup."
    "Backup? Backup, Rin?" He stepped aside. "We don't have time for 'backup'!!"
    "I do!!! If you want to go off and kill yourself for a stupid system then fine, go!!"
    "FINE!!!" Russell left, leaving Rin alone on the hall. She looked down at the floor and began to cry.

    Russell was a few halls away from where he left Rin. He was mad at her for not trusting him but his thoughts were then interrupted.
    "AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Russell heard Rin yell from afar. He dashed back to where she was. He turned to the hall and found Rin facing him with her eyes wide open and blood dripping from her mouth.
    "R-Rin?" Rin fell on her knees revealing William behind her and then fell completely to the floor. His chest was stained with blood along with his face, arms, and legs. He wore a grin on his face and his eyes had an evil gleem on them. His hair was red and black and he has four fangs on his mouth, like a dog (not two like vampire).
    "Hi, Russell." That salute had a hint of chill in it that went up Russell's spinal cord like a tingling wave. It gave him rage just thinking the William he knew killed Rin. Russell's face showed shock and comfusion. It showed rage and disgust.
    "WHAT THE F*CK!?!?" Russell ran to where Rin was. "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU, WILLIAM?!?" He began to cry over Rin. William's red eyes saw his tears and turned back to his old human self again.
    "Huh? What?" He looked down at Russell who was holding Rin's corpse tightly against his chest.
    "Stay away from me, you monster..." He said in sobs. "How could you do this?"
    "Russell, you don't understand. Something's wrong with me!" William tried to defend himself. Even he noticed how useless his tries were. As innocent as he was, William had no way to explain this to him.
    "... it's just that-"
    "IT'S NOTHING!!" Russell's chest was covered in her blood. "YOU KILLED HER! WHY?!"
    "I'm telling you. Suddenly my body felt numb and this beast took over me. I was surrounded by the dark. Next thing I know, Lawrence and dad were dead. And then-"
    "Yes but... I didn't mean to do that."
    "Rin... Rin... don't go... don't go... I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I... I love you..." He whispered. William felt a cold sting on his heart.
    "Russell, I-"
    "Russell, please. Forgive me." Russell took a good look at Rin's face and smiled. He placed her down and stood up.
    "Okay... I'll forgive you..." William wasn't expecting he'd actually forgive him. At least... not so quickly.
    "Huh?" It was the only thing he could say.
    "Just do me a favor." Russell pulled out his soul gun and loaded it. "Kill me..."
    "What? No!"
    "Just do it. You did it before, you can do it now!" Russell took of his galsses and fold them into place.
    "No! What? It doesn't work like that. What are you thinking? You're not suicidal, are you?"
    "No but... I never really had a chance to convey my feelings to her properly."
    "But you guys were married."
    "But now she's DEAD... and I want to go with her. Now KILL ME!!!"
    "But it's suicide!"
    "No... it's sacrifice. Two very different terms. I'm sacrificing my life and HQ for my Rin. Now do it!" William hesitated for a moment. He grabbed Russell's gun and clicked it.
    "Are you sure, Russell? There are many things in life."
    "But none of them like Rin... please do it before I change my mind." William closed his eyes and pressed the trigger. The bullet had been fired and Russell fell over Rin. In his face he wore a smile as he slowly closed his eyes. And with his last breath he whispered "Thank you" to William.

    William looked back at the bloody path and felt a hint of power and pride.
    "For some egotistic reason... I feel... good." He smiled a grin. "I will avenge Serenity's death... I will destroy everyone and everything... starting with Matt...in form of sacrifice..." Just then, William felt his heart tighten. He pressed his hand against his chest and collapsed. He fell on the floor and began to cough out blood.

    Apparently, his powers aren't fully developed. Still, he has no idea what he is or what's going on.