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    Nobody knows me for who I am
    No one knows my position, or where I stand
    But I dont blame anyone
    I dont show myself
    I can't
    I'm too different
    I can't talk about myself
    Not like other people
    Not like my friends can
    Nobody knows me
    Thats not how it should be
    But I still stand in the dark
    Away from the attention
    In a different dimension
    In my own world
    Thats me
    The far away distant girl
    Living separately in my own little world
    Nobody knows me
    I can't find someone like me
    Someone I can share myself with
    Someone I can pour it out to
    There is really no one I can follow through
    No one I am sure to cry to
    No one is my world view
    No one I can look into
    And see anyone like you
    You are my imaginary character coming true
    From my own little world
    You let my love unfurl
    And grow strong
    And never want to move on
    I want to stay with you
    I'd share my world with you
    And do things I normally wouldn't do
    Just to be with you