• "Maybe I should just go to bed." I said to myself, looking at my now spread-out-across-my-desk burger. The bag was ripped in two, a half in each of my hands. I delicately placed everything in the garbage.
    Of course, before going to bed, I would have to take a shower. I tried to be delicate and gentle with everything so that I wouldn't risk destroying something. As I took my shower, I felt like I was in a room full of glass as I squeezed out the shampoo. I felt like everything had the possibility of breaking the moment I touched it. Luckily for me, nothing broke or was destroyed.
    I combed my brown, shoulder length hair and put on my pajamas. The top was short-sleeved and the bottoms were shorts. So I wouldn't sweat in the heat of the summer night. The bottoms were black and had green polka dots on them. The top was just black with Tougher Than You written in big green letters. I yawned and climbed into bed.
    At first, I had trouble falling asleep, so I turned on the TV in my room. I surfed the channels out of boredom for about an hour and finally landed on the news. Apparently some guy had been killed. They showed a picture of the guy. My brown eyes widened. It was the guy I had punched earlier that evening. I gulped nervously.
    I didn't kill him! I didn't kill him! It was just a punch! Someone else must have killed him or something! I couldn't have done it! I thought frantically, my heart beating so rapidly I thought it would burst out my chest. I turned up the volume.
    "Today a man, Benjamin Nulls, was killed today by mysterious means. His friends, although a bit intoxicated at the time, reported that Nulls was flirting with a woman and that when she tried to leave, touched her breasts. The woman then proceeded to punch him. Nulls's companions then say he went flying about around twenty feet. The woman then ran away. Nulls was later found to be dead from both of his lungs being punctured by broken ribs." the news lady said with a serious face.
    I felt a knot form in my stomach. I felt like I was going to throw up. I had killed that guy. I hadn't meant to kill him, but I did. I'd punched him right in the chest and broken his ribs! His friends must have had a complete description of me! The police would find me and I'd go to jail!
    "Unfortunately, Nulls's friends say they were not paying attention to the woman's appearance at the time. And she left too quickly to get a good look." the news lady's companion said.
    I turned off the television. My heart was thudding loudly in my ears. It was deafening. They didn't have my description. I had a chance. But there was still the chance that they would recognize me. I was in such deep s**t here!
    No way would I be falling asleep tonight. And I was right. I was tossing and turning all that night. I had gotten no sleep. Sick with worry, there was no point in even trying.

    That day, I didn't eat much of my breakfast for fear of throwing it back up. My dad left for work, but I could tell he noticed my unease. I just wanted to scream and tell him everything that had happened. But how would I explain the newly acquired, really-didn't-ask-for-but-just-suddenly-got-for-no-apparent-reason, I-can't-control-it, super strength? AUGH! Where was Ares when I needed him?!
    I stayed inside the house all morning. But eventually I decided to take a walk, just to clear my head. Don't act suspicious, just take a walk to think things over and don't act like anything bad had happened. I would be fine.

    I stayed away from the streets I had walked the day before. I didn't want anyone to maybe have a sudden burst of memory and recognize me from that night. No one seemed to suspect me of anything. That was good. But the fear was gnawing at me. My heart never stopped beating. I was hungry, but I still felt sick to my stomach.
    "Hey, Amazon Girl! Got a light?" a voice suddenly said. I turned around to see a girl with purple eyeshadow and black lipstick sitting on the sidewalk.
    I pointed to myself and raised an eyebrow. Was she talking to me? Since when was I an Amazon Girl?
    She nodded. "Yeah. I'm talking to you. Name's Elliot Diane Bates, right?" the girl said with a grin, her dark green eyes twinkling mischievously.
    "How do you know my name?" I asked nervously.
    The girl stood up. She was quite a sight. She wore black jeans that had green glitter stuff on them. A chainlink belt was around her waist. On her feet were black, pointy, high heeled boots with white fur. Her short hair was dyed a deep violet color and had electric blue and neon green streaks in it. She was rather pale and her nails were painted metallic black and yellow. She also wore a red tube-top that revealed her midriff. A leather vest was worn over it. There were tattoos of foxes, snakes, and other animals that people generally don't trust up and down her arms. A tattoo of a snake biting its tail was around her belly button. She even had a piercing at the corner of her nose. One of her eyebrows was pierced as well. Her earrings were two tiny foxes made of amber and she held an unlit cigarrette in her hand. This lady wasn't exactly someone I'd want to meet in an alley in the middle of the night.
    "Dad talks about you all the time." she answered with a smile. "Look, I'm not gonna beat around the bush, so I might as well cut to the chase. I'm Eris, goddess of discord. And don't ask how old I am, cause I don't like to say it."
    I blinked. Eris? Goddess of discord? This was not happening!