• I Worlds apart, Part one of three, Worlds apart part one.
    I stood with the cool surface of my locker to my back, just watching him. He was surrounded by his usual fan club of girls. Although he wasn't extremely popular, he had a fan club due to the fact that he's gorgeous and over all awesome. He was tall, had naturally tan skin, chocolate brown hair and matching eyes. He smiled down at his fan club through his bangs. It made me feel so............. well sad really. The fact that he could never smile like that at me.
    I was lost in thought when suddenly someone slapped my shoulder. I was so surprised that i shrieked. I looked to the direction of muffled laugh's and saw who had slapped me.
    "watching him from afar isn't going to do you any good hon" said Alli, as usual she never misses anything.
    "you know she's right Helena" agreed Isabelle.
    I frowned. I hated to admit it but they were right. "I know........ but its the only thing i can do."
    Isabelle and Alli exchanged a glance over my head, which I'm guessing they think i didn't notice. Then they were silent for a while. So was i. I knew what they wanted to say, heck everyone alive knows it, even me......... things would NEVER work out between Jason and I. Not a day goes by that i don't realize this. That i don't realize that we are from two different worlds, two different friend groups(mine is at the bottom, his is at least 5 to 6 groups above), we really don't have very much in common.............. well i don't know him well enough to actually confirm this, well thats another thing........ i don't really know him, we never really talk. All the odds are really staked against me, i don't know why i like him so much, maybe i knew him in another life. I'm not really sure of anything in life, but one thing i am sure of is this, in the end we're worlds apart.
    I watched her. She was surrounded by her friends. She laughed and smiled at them so easily it hurt. She never smiled like that at me..... she probably never would. She looked even more beautiful when she smiled....... possibly more beautiful then Angela.
    "hey Jason are you ever going to get together with Angela again." said Darcy her dark eyes glittering.
    "ya Jason are you, i mean you and Angela were so great together" continued Alice.
    I smiled down at them. "i don't think so" i said.
    Things had been over between Angela and i for a really long time. It was a horrible yet Wonderful day. Here let me take the time to have a flash back.
    FLASH BACK. Angela had just dumped me, and i was so out of it i just started walking around town for god knows how long. I had wondered around until i found my way to the old stone bridge in town, in front of each side of the bridge was a stone bench. I sat on the stone bench for hours, with only the cold stone reminding me that i was alive. My mind was a total blank nothing but darkness filled it. My brain was kind enough to try to block out anything have to do with Angela, and it was succeeding. Until i felt the first rain drop, then came a couple more, then the rain began to pelt me. I thought to my self "if the heavens can cry than so can i. And so i did, i began to cry. My mind slowly but surely began to process thoughts about Angela. And i cried even harder. Then suddenly i no longer felt the rain on my shoulders and head. I looked up to see a very worried Helena holding a purple and white polka dotted umbrella. Helena looked like an angel, her brown hair made her face look so pale, yet her cheeks were still a rosy color, and i swear she was GLOWING.
    "what's wrong.............. Jason am i right". she asked.
    "....................." i couldn't think of how to answer her, my brain just wouldn't process how to talk. I didn't know what to do. But for some unknown reason i knew that she wouldn't push me away. My next actions proved that my brain must have stopped working, because i WRAPPED MY ARMS AROUND HER WAIST, and cried into her soft sweater. She smelled like vanilla and was so warm. she started stroking my hair, and to be honest it felt awesome.
    "oh its ok..... there there jason......... i know its not easy getting dumped by someone......... there there..........." she said this, and continued to say other soothing things for the next hour or two until i finally calmed down. She walked home with me, we were silent, when we got to a street called "mapple St." she said goodbye and headed down the street. I just continued to walk in the rain towards my house. FLASH BACK END
    So as you can see the rain brought us together for a reason, or thats how i like to think about it. Yet we are very different and so far apart. Seriously if i could i would destroy everything in my life. Everything i've built, everything thats been given to me. I think about destroying it all just so i could be with her. But ultimately it isn't that simple. It isn't easy to just destroy everything in your life and just start again, rebuild everything you've built up in life, there isn't a guarantee that your new life will be what you wanted it to be. I guess thats why its so rare to get a second chance in life. But if some how there was a guarantee that if i did destroy everything, and built a new life i could be with her. If this were true i would gladly do it in a heart beat. Yet again things aren't always so simple. At times like these when i realize just how hopeless everything is, I realize more then ever that we're worlds apart .