• I was standing in the most fascinating ballroom. There was a huge glass chandelier hanging, peacefully, in the center of the golden ceiling. There were angels, carved, neatly into the ceiling and over the walls.
    Couples were dancing on the wooden floor, women in long elegant dresses, and men in impressive tuxedos. I was standing by my friend Roxanne, Glen, Alex, and Eli. The girls were wearing golden dresses and the guys were wearing black.
    Of all the couples to notice, there was one couple that caught my attention for at least two minutes. They were wearing white, and were dancing perfectly like the winning dancers on the, “So you think you can dance” series. They were blurred and I thought it was my eyes. I rubbed at them absently.
    They were still blurred.
    It couldn’t have been because I was drinking—I didn’t drink.
    I wasn’t tired. Or At least I hadn’t very feel tired.

    I turned and nudged Roxanne gently in the ribs.
    “Ouch…” She rubbed her side
    I thought I was gentle.
    I grinned slyly, “Roxy do you know who that couple is right there in the center?”
    “Uh…The one’s in white?” She stopped rubbing her side and looked out into the crowd of people.
    “Yes. Them.” I was staring at the blurry couple.
    “They’re Tenshi Leaders, of that gang in Japan.” She sipped at her glass of champagne.
    “What? A gang?” I whispered. I did a double take of her posture and realized she was drinking, “Why are you drinking?” I asked, taking her champagne glass.
    “Hey!” She frowned and threw her tiny fists to her sides.
    I put her glass on the drink table and turned back to the couple in the center. They suddenly became defined. I squinted; they were kind of farther than before. I recognized them, but I couldn’t remember where.
    “You’ve never seen them before?” Roxanne asked holding up another Champagne glass.
    That girl wouldn’t stop!
    “No…” I was trying my hardest to not sound annoyed; would I have ask if I had known?
    “They’re really popular, especially in Japan. But god, are they gruesome. They torture people like you wouldn’t believe.” She emphasized the last word. “One time, they took this little girl, and the parent’s wouldn’t do anything about it, so they just started slicing her. God, it was horrible.” She was absently speaking with her glass between her lips.
    “How do you know that?” I cocked an eyebrow at her.
    “Um…It was all over the news.” She nervously turned away from me.
    “Really….” I thought suspiciously.
    If it was on the news, I would’ve heard about it.
    There was a man that came up to me. He was tall maybe 6’ 1”. His black hair was gelled and combed into a tiny Mohawk. He had on a slick, black tuxedo. What I noticed was his tattoo. It was on his neck, sort of hidden beneath the collar of his tuxedo. It was of a dragon, small and black. The dragon’s wings were like scythes. But it sparkled; don’t ask how but it was intriguing.
    He slowly crept closer to me.
    I quivered; I’ve never felt scared before. Not when my parents became drunks and I had to work at the age of 13, or when I had to start a life by myself when I was a tiny kid—but I was scared now, terrified of what he wanted.
    Those piercing emerald eyes felt like they could invade into the depths of my soul. I swallowed, my mouth was really dry. I slowly walked backwards as he walked forwards.
    My body touched the wall of the ballroom.
    I felt the crevices of the carved angels when my palms faced the wall.
    He growled.
    I clenched my hands into fists at my side. I didn’t know what to do; I was trapped between him and the wall.
    His lips twitched and the corners, pulling into a mischievous grin.