• "Pure madness, pure adrenaline,"Riley pressed, "it'll be off the hook!"
    Dillion didn't look so sure, "C'mon man, neither of us can-"
    Riley butted in. "You can,"he emphasized the word 'you'.
    "Yeah but..."
    "But what? You to scared to tear up some pavement?"
    "Never said i was scared!"
    "Then let's do this!"
    "It's not a good idea.."
    "Look dude, think of it this way,"Riley put his arm over Dillion's shoulders and used his free hand to point into the air. "We'll be all over the underground, calls coming in every day with new challenges,a new heart racing blood pumping race!"Riley said, trying to make him picture it. "You, me, fast cars, girls, everything."
    "Hmm, maybe..."
    "What was that? I can't hear you!"
    "Let's do this!"
    "Hells yeah!"Riley shouted.


    Engines revved, people cheered, the noises killing any hopes of focus. They watched the other drivers from the front windshield. The moon was high in the sky and the streets were relatively empty. The tremendous purr of engines tore through the still night air as the cars inched toward the starting line. Dillion's hands gripped the steering wheel tightly, Riley stared out infront of the car intently, waiting for the race to begin. This race would sweep past the edges of the coast, with treacherous turns and mile long straight aways. Perfect for a night race for the best of the best. It had been months since the two had signed up for the circuit and Dillion had done most of the driving. He smirked as the other drivers glanced around at their opponents. Their were four other cars, an old muscle car, a '78 mustang. There were two imports and a yellow firebird with a hood scoop. Dillion's engine revved again, he and Riley sat in a perfectly restored '69 mustang GT. It was black with duel white racing stripes cutting over the hood, the top of the car and the trunk. They moved over the hood scoop as well. Riley twisted the dial on the dash board and the music blasted, in an endless fight with the noise from the engines of the five cars.

    The song played out as the race began. A young woman held a checkered flag, waving it before the cars sped out from the starting point. Tires screeched against the pavement as the cars shot forward. A tight turn was coming up ahead and Dillion slammed his foot down on the gas pedal. He moved past the firebird and one of the imports, the blue one. He went into a tight drift around the turn and then shot forward. The road weaved closer and closer to the cliffs and the '78 was still out infront. As Dillion pulled around another turn the drivers came upon one of the many straight aways. Engines revved again, as the cars sped up, they were on the edge of the cliffs now, only a thin metal divider between themselves and a very, very long fall. Dillion's car pushed forward, coming up on the tail of the other import, this one was orange. The driver pulled to the side, cutting him off. Dillion smirked and pushed forward, ramming the back end of the import. The import swerved as Dillion rammed it again. It pulled off to the side and came neck and neck with Dillion's car. Dillion swerved to the side, a ruthless look showing in his fierce eyes. He rammed the import once again, the driver looked to him in a panic. The import slammed against the railing and scrapped against it before pulling off and ramming Dillion's car. The two cars locked together, continuously ramming one another. Dillion smiled, "Wonder what this tool has up his sleeve?"he asked Riley. "Nothing I can't beat,"Riley put his hands behind his head and leaned back in his seat. "Not worried about his Gemetrir?"Dillion asked sarcastically. "Of course not,"Riley laughed. Dillion's car rammed the import again, sending it smashing into the railing once again. "We're waiting for them to make a move then?"he asked. "As always, i don't reveal my abilities right off the bat. "I guess you don't." The cars continued to smash into each other endlessly, denting one another. Dillion pulled off to the inside of the road, near the rocky land that sloped upwards. "Here it comes..."he muttered as they sped towards a rock formation which was jutting out of the casual slope. Riley smiled, the car moved forward, leaving the import. The import sped up as well, it's driver now quite determind. "He's coming,"Riley warned. "I see him,"Dillion smirked as the car accelerated. He broke of the main road and onto the slope. The car sped towards the outretched rock. Dillion's car hit the rock at full speed and moved up onto it. It flew of the rock, upside down before it fliped through the air and landed infront of the import. Dillion slammed on the breaks and the import swerved to the side, the wrong side. It broke through the protective railing and went straight off the cliff edge. Dillion smiled and hit the accelerator, "Like taking candy from a baby." The car moved forward, the others in hot pursuit and the '78 still out infront. "Did you notice?"Riley asked.
    "Yeah,"Dillion sighed as they moved closer to the '78.
    "He doesn't have a Gemetria with him."
    "He must be a double."Dillion sighed as the firebird came up on his right. He swerved and cut him off.
    "I think he's better then any normal double."
    "I know, he's going fast, which do you think he has?" Just then rocks began to fall from the slope infront of the '78. A large boulder moved infront of the car, but the driver didn't swerve. "The firebird's got telek,"Riley said, using a shortened version of the word. "Obviously,"Dillion sighed as he moved ahead, watching the '78. The car vanished, like a ghost it moved through the boulder. "Phasing..."Riley muttered, Dillion groaned. "Think you can take him?"Dillion asked.
    "Freezing versus phasing...yeah, i think so."
    "Good,"Dillion chuckled as they shot forward, coming up to the '78, the firebird close behind. Dillion moved in to ram the '78 but went right through it. Dillion smiled and pressed forward, his car stretching out far infront of the others. The blue import was wisely staying back in last for the moment. The firebird pulled up next to the '78, it's engine revving. The two cars matched pace as they pressed forward on the straight away. Suddenly the road infront of the '78 ripped up and formed a makeshift wall infront of the '78. It again moved through the blockage, the driver smiling wryly at the firebird. The firebird's engine revved and it pressed forward. The '78 did the same but it easily passed the firebird. As the driver of the firebird became reckless he moved forward matching the '78. He swerved to the side to ram the '78 which was huggig the outside of the road, on the edge of the cliff. The firebird passed hamrlessly through the '78 and flew off the side through the barrier as the import had been done. Riley laughed, "They get dumber and dumber,"he said. Dillion was silent as they moved forward, the driver of the old '78 was good, he didn't even need a Gemetria. That was odd for most drivers in the madness circuit, but Dillion ignored that fact as he moved forward. In his rearview mirror he saw that the blue import was moving up, passing the '78 and coming straight for him. He sighed, "Riley,"he growled. Riley folded his arms across his chest and shook his head, "We can't let the Phaser know what our's is yet, you can take out this import driving idiot out like you did to the other spiffed up little toy,"he laughed. Dillion didn't respond he only focused on the road, the straight away was coming to an end with a very sharp turn away from the cliffs, he'd have to use thqatturn to his advantage. His speed dropped and he came back neck and neck with the blue import. He watched as the car swerved towards him, he pulled back and the car hit the rocky slope. It swrved away from the slope immediately and pushed ahead. Dillion followed suit, carefully staying no more and no less then neck and neck with the import. As the turn came he pulled into a drift, as did the import. He swung the tail end of his car out too far and it smashed into the passenger side of the import. The barrier shreiked as it scraped against the import's side, the import had been pushed back and had smashed into the barrier but not broken through it. Dillion through his car into reverse and rammed into the import. A jolt burst out through the frame of Dillion's GT and he, his car and it's contents were thrown into the rocky slope. Dillion cursed, "Damn pulser!" His car slid from the slope with the shreik of metal against rock, luckily it had fallen onto it's wheels rather then upside down. Dillion pulled away from the slope and shot after the import, he looked at Riley and Riley smiled at him. The '78 was staying close behind, watching carefully, waiting for the two young drivers to reveal their Gemetrir. "This things pretty torn up..."Riley sighed as he stared out the window at the loose metal scraping against the blurred pavement. "Get ready Riley,"Dillion growled as they pushed forward towards the import. ~If all they do is pulse, then we can get rid of them, but not the phaser, he'll be difficult,~Dillion thought as he came up on the tail of the import. He idled for a moment, inches from the bumper of the import. "Ready?"
    "Good,"Dillion shifted gears and pushed forward, smashing the fender of his own car into the import's bumper. Riley smiled, his hands laying on the dashboard of the car. The moment the two vehicles made contact another pulse emitted and the import flew froward through the air. Flying off the road and smashing into a tree, it's frame mauled by the attack. Riley laughed triumphantly, "Woo! That's right!"he shouted as they shot past the crashed import. The '78 was inching forward again. "Shut it, he's coming!"Dillion barked, Riley rolled his eyes and waited, watching the '78 carefully. The road was weaving now, twisting and turning through the now heavy cover of trees. In the dark of night with nothing more then the flickering head lights to show you what's around you, driving was very difficult. Dillion squinted as his eyes adjusted to the reduced light. The '78 was pushing forward, faster and faster. Riley moved one of his hands to the door, it began to change. First it grew larger and compressed into a sphere of metal, he smirked. "This thing have a sun roof?"he asked. "No...why?"There was a deafening screech as the metal from the roof of the car was torn away and added to the metal sphere. Riley stood up on the seat, bracing himself against the top of the front windshield. He held the metal ball, much like a pinball, out infront of himself. "Let's play a little game..."he laughed. Another pulse shot out and the metal ball was launched straight at the '78 with deadly force. The '78 was caught of guard as the ball smashed into the hood of the car. The engine growled in protest from the weight of the ehavy metal and the '78 was forced to slow. Riley sat back down, smiling, "I think he'll be off of us for awhile, gun it." Dillion pushed down on the accelerater and the car continued forward through the trees, drifting around corners with tires screeching the whole way. In minutes the finish line came into sight, most of the spectators from the race's rally had moved to this spot via a much more direct and muc less dangerous route. As the car lurched forward Dillion saw the '78 pushing forward in his rearview mirror. The metal ball was gone and the dent that was left seemed much smaller. The '78 was catching up quickly and the finish line was only a short distance away. Riley got up from the seat and onto the back of the car, clutching onto the tail fin that had been placed on the car. He leaned over it and stared down at the pavement blurring below them as they moved forward. He reached his right hand out and muttered something. Another pulse shot out, hitting the road and sending the car shooting forward. The tires left the road as the GT went hurling over the finish line, leaving the '78 far behind.