The next week went by so fast, considering it was the last week of school. Monica and Lily were over everyday. Daniel and Lee were over all the time. Daniel had been over quit awhile since Lily had been coming over. He had the biggest crush on her! It was kind of funny too.
    Today was Friday and Daniel and I thought that we would go to the park. We weren’t afraid of the vampires anymore. They were just big mouthed jerks that just liked annoying people. Lily wanted to come, but we told her no. She was human. They would kill her. So we jumped in my car and drove off.
    Of course the park wasn’t open yet. We jumped the front gate and ran inside. We were going to race again. Daniel wanted to prove that me winning last time was just pure luck.
    This time we raced farther. I won again, and he sulked around complaining about how he got beat by a girl. We sat down on one of the park benches and started to talk.
    “You like Lily don’t you?” I asked. His face got all red and he punched me in my arm.
    “Don’t tell her!” he pleaded. I nodded my head and started to hum “Here Comes the Bride.” He smacked me in the head and said, “Not even funny.” I started to laugh, but then stopped. Someone was behind me. They whispered something in my ear.
    “Don’t move…” the voice said. I recognized it.
    “Oh, cut it out Lily!!” I screamed. Lily popped out from behind me and plopped down on the bench in-between me and Daniel.
    “We told you not to come with us!” Daniel said, “You might get hurt!”
    “Wow, why do you care so much?” she asked. He just stopped talking and looked at me with “the evil eye.”
    “He just doesn’t want you to get hurt,” I said, “Well, since you’re here what do you want to do?” We all got up and Lily looked around.
    “How about we go hike one of the trails?”
    “What part of dangerous do you not get?” Daniel asked.
    “The danger part,” she answered he rolled his eyes and smiled, “So what do you say? Plus if anything comes here you guys will scare them off.”
    “Yeah, but what if that one thing is a vampire?” Daniel asked.
    “Well, then I guess you guys can fight! Now come on dudes!” she said as she pulled on Daniel’s shirt. I gave them a nod and we were off. We knew the paths down here inside and out. We decided to take the longest one. The whole way through Lily kept falling and getting herself scratched with twigs. That was not good. Blood. Blood was running down from the cuts like chocolate pours out of a chocolate fountain. We didn't know how far the smell of it would go, but we were hoping it wouldn’t be far.
    “This is why we shouldn’t have come!” Daniel exclaimed as he took his shirt off and used it to wipe the blood off her legs.
    “Or maybe I just should have wore pants,” she said. Daniel smiled a bit, but it quickly faded away. He looked into the woods.
    “Crap!” he said wrapping the shirt around her leg, “They’re out there!” He pulled Lily up onto her feet and watched a certain spot in the woods. Sure enough, here came Brendan, Paul, Freddy, Jaden, and a new one. She was very tall and pretty. She could have passed as a super model. She had long, black, wavy, hair and she stood really close to Jaden.
    “Well, if it isn’t Barbie and Fido! Nice to see you again! And who’s this?” Brendan said looking at Lily. She looked petrified. “Is this Fido’s girl?”
    “No, she is a friend,” Daniel said, “We were just taking a walk.”
    “Oh, we just smelled some blood and traced it here and…” he stopped and looked at Daniel’s shirt that now had little speckles of blood on it. “You brought a mortal out here?”
    “Leave her alone!” Daniel snared. He jumped in front of her and crouched down in a protective way.
    “Very funny, all we want is to kill her is that a lot to ask for?” he said with a crooked smile sprawled across his face. Just then the girl stepped to his side.
    “Just leave them alone Brendan! They don’t want any trouble and I certainly don’t either, they were just taking a walk. Now let’s go,” she said. I couldn’t believe it! A vampire was trying to protect us! How funny!
    “Yeah, listen to the girl! Leave them alone! They didn't want a fight! They were just taking a walk!” Jaden said as he came to the girl’s side. I really was shocked now. Why were they helping us?
    “Since when do you guys tell me what to do?” Brendan asked in an infuriated tone.
    “Since now! We don’t want to fight just let them go on! We can find something else to eat!” the girl said.
    “Remember our deal! You work for me!” he yelled.
    “Yeah, well, if you keep this up we are leaving!” Jaden said, “Adrianna and I don’t want this life anyway!”
    Just then Brendan launched himself at Jaden. I had never seen a vampire turn on another vampire. Daniel, Lily, and I backed away. We did not want to get dragged into this!
    Brendan was throwing punches left and right. Jaden was dogging them and coming back with some powerful kicks to the gut. The girl joined in, fighting on Jaden’s side. The fight went on for ten more minutes then we heard a yell. It was the girl. She was standing off to the side screaming her head off. They stopped fighting and looked at her.
    “We are out of here, Brendan! We are sick and tired of following your rules! This is nonsense!” she screamed as he grabbed Jaden by the shirt and pulled him away from Brendan.
    Jaden gave one last look at Brendan then disappeared through the trees. Brendan looked at us with an evil smile. “Now look what you have done!” he snared.
    “What the freak did we do?” I said stepping up to him, “It’s not like we were the ones that drove your friends away! That was all you buddy!”
    “You know what little girl? I am so looking forward to your death!” he said back. Oh, that was it!
    “If you want me to die so badly why don’t you do it yourself? Come on! I’m right here!” I said patting my chest. He looked at me and smiled. “I’m waiting!”
    It all happened so quick I didn't even see it coming. Right after I said that he lunged himself towards me. He knocked me to the ground. I pushed him off of me with my legs and got to my feet. I quickly morphed. I ran towards him with full power. I hit his chest. He flew backwards and hit a tree.
    Freddy and Paul started to attack Daniel. He quickly morphed and fought back. I felt bad letting him handle both of them, but I was to busy with Brendan.
    Brendan zipped over to me and punched me in my jaw. I grabbed him by his neck, held him out in front of me, and kicked him. He flew over to where Daniel, Paul, and Freddy were fighting. He shook his head and came running towards me. “You shouldn’t have done that, Barbie!” he screamed as he ran into my chest. I fell towards the ground. That felt like a herd or elephants hit me.
    “No!” Lily said as she ran towards me. She knelt down besides me and stroked my fur. “Are you okay?” I gave her a bark and tried to push her out of the way with my paw. “No! I’m not leaving you!”
    Brendan zoomed to my side and grabbed Lily by the throat. “Let’s see how good you taste!” he said as he dug his fangs into the side of her throat. I quickly jumped to my feet and pushed him away. Lily dropped to the floor. She was twitching and screaming. Daniel stopped fighting and ran over to her. He morphed back to human form and kneeled besides her.
    Brendan was now standing with his brothers laughing. “Looks like we won again!” he said. “Your girlfriend was pretty tasty, Danny boy! I see why you like her.”
    “I swear, Brendan, I will murder you! I don’t care if I get killed in the process! I just want you dead, and I always get what I want!” Daniel snarled as he got to his feet and headed towards Brendan.
    “Have fun with that!” he said as they quickly disappeared through the woods. I knelt down besides Lily and checked her pulse. She was still breathing!
    “Daniel! Come here! She’s breathing! Maybe we can still help her!” I screamed. Daniel came over and knelt by her too.
    “What are we supposed to do? If we leave her like this she is going to turn into one of them!” he said in a panicky voice.
    I thought for a second. I got it! “What if one of us bites her? Maybe that will override the vampire venom!” I said. He looked at her then back at me.
    “Then she will be one of us!” he screamed.
    “Would you rather have her dead?”
    “No! So who’s going to do it?”
    “You!” I said. He quickly morphed and bent over her. He hesitated a minute then bit her arm. She screamed once, and then was quiet. She was still breathing, so that was a good sign! A couple minutes passed and she still had not moved. Then, we I saw her I open a little. She moaned and opened the other one.
    Daniel was leaning over her now, watching, and waiting for her to move again. “Is that you Danny?” she asked. Daniel almost fell backwards with excitement.
    “It worked!!!!!!!!” he screamed as he wrapped me in a bear hug. “She’s alive! You were right!”
    “W-w-what happened?” she asked pulling herself up and rubbing her head.
    “We will explain it later. Let’s just get you home!” Daniel said lifting her up and throwing her over his shoulders.
    When we got home everyone was waiting for us. We had been gone for a while and they were worried. Daniel sat Lily down on her feet. She stumbled a bit, but soon caught her balance.
    “Where were you guys?” Nathan asked.
    “We were at the park,” I said trying to act all innocent.
    “What’s up with her?” Chris asked pointing towards Lily who was looking around the room, like she didn't know where she was.
    “That’s what we are here to explain…..” Daniel began. All the people in the room just looked at him. “Well, she followed us to the park and we were lucky enough to run into our friends. Brendan got into a fight with two of his buddies, so they took off, and he blamed it on us. Then we got into a fight and while Veronica was down and I was fighting off Paul and Freddy, Brendan bit Lily.”
    There was a long silence. Everyone’s eyes flashed towards Lily. Nathan started to growl and Lee let out a loud snarl. “She’s one of them?!” Lee asked.
    “Not exactly,” I said. They all looked puzzled. “Well, you know how when a werewolf bites someone they become one? Well, we thought that if we bit her then our venom would overrun the vampires and she would be able to live like on of us.”
    “So, I just want to make this clear, she is not a vampire? She is werewolf?” Lee asked.
    “Yeah, that’s how it looks!” I said. Nathan started to shake his head in disbelief and Chris was muttering something to himself. “Come on guys! Would you rather have her be one of us or be planning her funeral?” I asked they all stopped and looked at her.
    “So I-I-I’m a werewolf!” she screamed.
    “Yeah,” I said. “You probably can’t believe it right? Once you become one your senses get better that means you can see every detail on everything and anything and you can hear stuff from over a mile away. She stared at us all for a second.
    “So I’m like you?” she asked with a huge grin on her face.
    “Yep, that’s what it looks like!” I said.
    “This is awesome!!!!!” she screamed as she jumped in the air. “Now I can do what you guys do! Oh my gosh! I love my life!”
    “Aren’t you scared?” Daniel asked. He looked concerned. Nobody should be this happy to have turned into a mythical creature!
    “Yeah, but there are more up-sides to this than down-sides! I can hear things from miles away, I am super strong, I can jump super high, dang! I might be super girl for all you know!” she said. She was right. There are a lot of advantages of being a werewolf.
    “So your happy that a bloodsucking leach almost killed you, so you could turn into one of us?” Daniel asked. He was just full of questions today.
    “Well, I’m happy that I’m one of you guys, but I could have been happy the rest of my life without getting mauled by a freaking vampire dude!”
    “Whatever you say,” Daniel said.
    “Plus, if I’m a werewolf I could help you hunt down the vampires, without you guys always hovering over me, making sure I don’t get hurt,” Lily said. She did have a point. The more werewolves we have, the better chance we have at beating the walking iceboxes.
    After we talked this discussion over we decided that it would be good to have another werewolf. Even if the new werewolf was a girl. We would train her and get her as skilled as us. Then we would go leach hunting again.