• *Kara is in a baseball game (so is tarance)* *She is leaving through the exit and bumps into tarance* Oh im soooo sorry i didnt mean to... No thats fine it was my fault.Ummm im tarance. Im Kara .Nice to meet you Kara.Nice to meet you to tarance. *the next thing you know they are walking down the isle of church of christ ondowmondow(ON-DOW-MOON-DOW)*
    *the next month after they got married Kara found an old giutar ion her attic*
    Hey tarance! Yes? Is this your giutar?No it cant be I threw my old giutar away 3 years ago!But can you teach me how to play though?.....sure hunny *he smiles*
    *they practiced every day for 4 hours**Then they tried for a baby and they had a succes but then* Tarance I think we should get this baby checked out because it isn't kicking at all!! *she says fritened* *They went to the doctor the next day and found out the baby had died in the womb yesterday*
    *That day after the doctors they went home and cried* The next day tarance was so agrivated he divorced her*
    *then after all the bad things that happened you would think her bad luck would be over but it kept comeing* *she gets her giutar and tryes to play a peice by beatoven(Bey-Toe-Ven)**She couldn't*

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