• heart Chapter 1: A New Begininig heart

    I was five years old and in Kindergarten when fate caught up with me and the others...

    I was sitting under the large oak tree in the middle of the playground at school. Everyone avoided me, they wouldn't even look at me. When they did, their eyes were full of deep hatred and they just stared, misunderstanding. neutral They thought I was weird, when I really wasn't. I was just a little different. Earlier in my life, my mother passed away. After she died, my father remarried, and I was presented with a little brother, named Kyo, only a year old. I knew that the other three kids were just like me, treated terribly and misunderstood on so many levels. I was contemplating all of this, when I heard a loud,almost like a punch to the arm. I swiveled around where I was sitting and I saw where it came from. A girl from my class, Mioko, was getting beaten up pretty badly by some overly-sized giant third grader. He accidentally dropped Mioko, and she tumbled to the ground, blood slowly dripping out of a cut on her arm. The guy picked her up once more, but this time she was ready for him. She kicked him in the face and I heard a loud snap....She broke his nose. wink I started to laugh, something I had never done before. When Mioko fell to the earth for a second time, she stood up and searched frantically for a hiding spot. Our eyes locked onto each other, mine warm and friendly, hers scared and worried. At that moment, the kid got back to his feet, and he stared wild-eyed at little Mioko. He ran towards her, and Mioko unexpectadley ran under the shade of my oak tree. She sat down, panting and leaned against the tree. She looked at me with troubled eyes and said quietly " You're in my-y class-s right-t?" I nodded, and she smiled at me, her face becoming happier. I could hear her stomach growling. Mioko was eyeing my unopened lunchbox on the ground. I gave the whole thing to my new friend, because I wasn't really hungry. She stared at me and spoke one simple word " thanks ". She poured the contents of the box on the ground: Some onigiri, stir-fry vegetables, carrot juice in a thermos, and a piece of fried chicken. She devoured everything, yet didn't care much for the onigiri. I watched as the third grader ran by, holding his bleeding nose. It was very funny to watch, the blood pouring out of his nose, and the tears running down his face.
    When Mioko finished eating, she looked very content and happy. Then,the oddest thing in the world happened. The oak tree started shaking rapidly. A little too rapidly, actually. The two of us looked into the branches, but we didn't see anytihng, although I knew it wasn't just the wind. " What if it's a monster?" Mioko asked " It's not. Don't worry. " I assured her. I kept staring at the dense green shrub of leaves overhead. All of a sudden, a red-headed girl fell out and crumpled down on top of me. I winced in pain. She sure was heavy. I pushed her off of me to get a good look at her. There were only two red-heads in the whole school and I knew who this girl was. " Kitsumi?" I wondered. She looked at me and tilted her head. Then her eyes lit up and she acknowledged who we were. She smiled very sweetly at the two of us. Then(randomly)Mioko said somthing that got me very excited. " Does anyone wanna have a contest? We could break large branches and the girl who breaks it the coolest wins." I turned to Kitsumi. She was sweating for some reason, even though it was cold outside. Mioko already had three branches in her arms. She had no problem lifting them and tossed one to me. I caught it. She tossed one to Kitsumi. She didn't catch it. I thought that was odd. I turned back to face Mioko as she snapped the branch in half using her knee. I just laughed and took my branch in my hands and using a lot of force, I broke it. The wood splintered into a million pieces. Mioko just stared at me. Kitsumi was backing away and freaking out at the same time. It was very quiet for awhile and it started to get annoying. To change the mood, I asked Kitsumi if she was going to try. She started sweating more. She looked down at the chunk of wood laying there and wouldn't touch it, as if it were an ancient relic. After a minute, she leaned down to pick it up and sighed. The moment her fingers touched the wood, it incinerated into a large pile of ash. burning_eyes Mioko and I stared in amazement before congratulating her on winning the contest. She just smiled weakly. . . Then Mioko spoke in a soft tone " How the heck did you do that, Kitsumi?" question Kitsumi didn't speak. After a very long moment of silence, she looked at the two of us, and looked very sick. I could see the sweat across her face. " And why are you sweating when it's like 50 degrees out here?" I asked in wonder. This really got to her, and then in a low voice, she said " Well...keep this between you guys and me, but I have, what would you call it? Superpowers I guesy people don't like me. They think that I'm strange." She stared at the ground, tears welling up in her bright blue eyes. Kitsumi reached over to give her a hug, and said that she was treated badly herself. I had to tell them sooner or later. I undoubtedly picked sooner. " Me too." They looked at me, astonished. " Well, the earthquakes we have been having lately are my fault. When I get really angry, I can move the earth below me. Rocks fly everywhere and the ground shakes. " We all sat down to comprehend the conversation we just had, when a loud voice arose from above. " I DO TOOO!!!!!" I stayed put, Mioko jumped in surprise, and Kitsumi made a face. stare We all looked for the source of the noise, and it spoke again."UP HERE!!!!morons...." We stared into the tree leaves and another red-head was staring down at us. This one was Ami, Kitsumi's older sister. She failed Kindergarten. She looked at us and smiled a crooked smile. Not knowing what else to say, Mioko asked " WOW...You have superpowers,too? question But, before Ami could even think about her answer, a large bee flew by her face. It surprised her and she stupidly backed away, terror flooded in her face. Then...the branch snapped below her, she tumbled to the ground, and guess where she landed...ON MY HEAD! xp I winced in pain as I asked "WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT ABOUT? stressed " Recovering from the fall, Ami replied" I'm deathly allergic to bees. Sorry about that." She got off of me, dusted herself off, and then helped me to my feet. Mioko asked her if it was true that she had superpowers, and Ami nodded. " Ihave firepowers, like Kitsumi here." She punched Kitsumi in the shoulder, and Kitsumi started a small fire behind her back( to get revenge ), but she caught my eye, and put it out. For the rest of lunch, the four of us talked about what we had just discovered. After lunch ended, we promised each other that we would meet again tommorow, and then went to our seperate seats. After school, we said our good-byes, and went home, happy to have made some good friends... heart heart heart