• Alex was standing on his porch of his big house. This was the only time he had to himself. He watched cars drive down the black, eerie streets and getting engulfed by the darkness. Alex stroke his messy blond hair and sighed. A lot was going on through his mind. Like how did the mark, supposedly a cross get on his chest? How did he make that piece of paper move just by staring at it. He rubbed his temples and sighed again. I must be going crazy, he thought to himself. Am I dreaming? I must be dreaming…, he pinched his arm and closed his eyes. Once he opened them, he began biting his lower lip, still observing the cars, the trees being blown by the wind; almost dancing through the night.
    With one last sigh, Alex returned inside.
    “What were you doing outside, Alex? You know it’s windy outside. You could’ve caught a cold…”, his Mother continued on like that, asking him questions as if she were a homicide detective. Alex frowned. “I was just getting some fresh air.”
    “Wear a coat next time”, she said.
    “I will, Mom”, Alex said as he walked to his room. A good book would get his mind of anything. At least he hoped. He picked up a paperback and sat on a chair. It wasn’t working. He couldn’t take in any word of what the book was saying.
    He closed his eyes, wanting to block out every, wanting to think about nothing. Not the cross on his chest, the self moving paper, just nothing. He just wanted to get away. Suddenly his chest felt hot, almost burning. He stood up and realized it wasn’t his chest. No not his chest, the cross on his chest was burning. Then the burning sensation subsided. He ripped of his shirt and let out a surprised gasp. The cross, it was glowing brightly red. He sat on the chair again and sighed. He closed his eyes and imagined a world full of unreal things. Fairies and trolls. Where there wasn’t nothing to worry about. Where you can run along the fields of moist grass and rich soil and not be afraid. Where you can bathe in the fresh, crisp, cool water and not be afraid. Alex opened his eyes startled by rapid talking and laughter of children and he was there. In his imaginary world. Fairies were dancing among trees. Their beautiful wings catching the sunlight, making it glow of brilliant colors and their little blue bodies, moving gracefully across the air.
    Alex looked at everything. He even rubbed his eyes a few times to make sure he wasn’t dreaming, but he was really there. In his wonderland.