• Dear Leaf Village,
    I wish to tell you all. You see me in the day and I feel nothing. I look more like a statue then a person. Though if you ever fallow me, if you ever see me when the moon shines bright. You will see I am no stronger then any other ninja. In the rain if you fallow me, you will see that I cry no less then any other child. At night I feel sorrow. I feel sad and pain. The pain in which has come over me during the years. When it rains. I cry. I shed bloody tears that have tortured me for eternity. Tears that hold all the burning scars on my back, all the fears of disobeying, and all the hatred the people have tortured against me. The only thing I have to say now is that.......Here I am happy. Here I feel loved. The first time I don't feel hated. The first time I feel free. Now I have nothing to hide from the sun.
    Rose Wolf