• Kyler was always a good boy. He was never the type to do wrong. Never.

    Not until his mother moved away. She left like the building was on fire, and she took everything, except her wedding band.

    Kyler was devastated. HE took all his problems out on me, his girlfriend. He knew I'd never leave him. I took whatever he dished out. I was tough. That's why he loved me so much.

    Eventually he got over it. The abuse eventually stopped. The bruises eventually went away, turning purple, yellow, then disappearing completely. I was happy to see him happy.

    You couldn't tell he was even the slightest bit depressed.

    Then the next devastating blow came to him. His father became very violent, especially towards Kyler. I think he blamed Kyler for what happened with his wife. And he wanted to get even.

    One night he attacked Kyler and hit him so much, they put him in an induced coma for three weeks.

    Through it all, I stayed at the hospital with him. Because not only was I tough... I was loyal.

    And Kyler needed me.

    He looked so weak and helpless. Yet, at the same time, angelic. Truly, beautifully angelic.

    The face I fell in love with.

    After Kyler came to, he was more zombie-like than ever. Completely numb.

    He didn't talk for days at a time. When he did, it was always about his mother. Like she could change everything. But she could, couldn't she?

    Then one day, I didn't hear from him at all. I thought at first, it was just a bad day for him. Then something deep inside me told me otherwise.

    So I decided to walk to his house.

    The door was unlocked already, so I didn't have to waste my time trying to find a spare.

    The kitchen was in perfect condition, like always. The living room remained untouched. Nothing downstairs looked out of place.

    Still, the house was eerily quiet.

    I took the stairs very slowly, careful to avoid the places on the stairs that squeaked. I made it to the top, and started for his room.

    The bloody scene in the bathroom stopped me.

    I looked into the room to find Kyler against one wall, cradling his arm and crying silently. The place looked like a crime scene.

    Tears fell from my own eyes as I began to bandage his arm, cleaned up the blood, and threw away the razor that had been used.

    I love him, heaven knows how much I love him.

    But I don't think I can fix it this time.