• How could they? I knew my parents were too stupid to know the truth"Alexandra? Were here." My new mother said. I looked up slowly to my new home. I slowly put my trembling hand on the handle, but it didn't open
    I can't do this. I told myself. Then slowly the tears started running again, and my lip trembled. My mother sighed ever so slowly and opened the door for me. "Alexandra, it's okay sweetie. Your in a better place" I slowly wiped my tears from my face and took a lond deep breath before I walked out the car.

    I dragged my bags in the home. "Everyone here she is, please make her feel like she belongs here because she has been through a lot" Everyone looked at me. My lip began to trembled again, but I held it together. "Andrew would you please show her around?" A boy with shaggy blonde hair stood up and walked towards me. His eyes met mine. "H-hi" I stammered. He nodded and led me upstairs. Oh my gosh, I'm falling in love with my brother.