• it was drafty. The old cave Keaira had chosen as their refuge that dreadful night he had sold his freedom to this she devil.It was damp, and a home to not just rodents but to bats. Their cries of annoyance at their presence rang through out the cave. Keaira didn't seem to mind that she was inconveniencing them, but Eosayne did. Bats were a bad omen. They brought bad luck and fortune to those who near them. A cold wind blew through the cave. Eosayne shivered in the cold, his thread bare clothes didn't nothing to block the wind or keep his bodily heat from leaving him.
    "Slave, which way to the nearest town?" ordered Keaira, in here usual way.
    "Determines which way you wish to travel, my lady? Their is Enoch to the south about 20 miles or we could travel to Soung Bai which is 30 something miles to the east near ocean..." stammered Eosayne.
    "Hmmm, you seem to need both substance and clothing, slave. I need you in top form and in better health if you are to serve me. To Enoch it is. lead the way. " commanded Keaira.
    Eosayne struggled to his feet. His legs and feet felt like the body of a jelly fish, like they would fail to support him, and sure enough as soon as he stood, he legs gave out beneath him.
    "Hurry slave, we must make Enoch by morning's light," ordered Keaira.
    "I am sorry, my lady; but it seems that I am unable to travel," answered Eosayne weary of both the ordering and Keaira's draining of his strength.
    "And why are you unable to fulfill your master's wish?" leered Keaira.
    "My lady, you know the answer to that as well as I do. When you drank from me yesterday, you not only drained me of blood but also of strength and energy." stated Eosayne carefully.
    "Yes, I had forgotten that human men are still so fragile and weak," murmured Keaira.
    "Its not that my lady. when you made me yours, I was already weak from both travel and lack of food........." Eosayne chose to go no further with that comment as fear to hold that he might spark his mistress's fury.
    Keaira looked at Eosayne. Her eyes had a gently feel about them, but what was behind those eyes were what scared Eosayne the most.
    "I give you a choose slave, there is one way that you can be quickly healed and become more than a mere mortal man, but I warn you it will come at a cost." stated Keaira rather coldly.
    "What is that my lady?" asked Eosayne.
    "You could drink of my blood......"Keaira's answered faded like a morning mist.
    Eosayne's eyes went wide with fear as those words escaped her lips.
    "Drink a succubus's blood." What little blood he had left drained from his face.
    "What would that make him, a incubus? a ghoul? a demon?" thought Eosayne.
    He would lose what little humanity he still had.
    "The price of this would be that if ever I was to be killed you would die too," spoke Keaira.
    "What would happen to me, " asked Eosayne " if i did?"
    "You would have abnormal strength, speed, power. You would be almost as impossible to kill as myself." answered Keaira.
    Eosayne thought of all that he could do with those abilities, but as well the consequences.
    " If she died, I would follow shortly behind," through Eosayne.
    "Make your choice slave, we must travel and soon," commanded Keaira.
    "I.....I........I .......I will drink your blood, " stammered Eosayne, still not believing the words coming from his mouth.
    "Thats your final decision? once you drink you can never go back to being human." stated Keaira.
    "That's my final decision," stated Eosayne.
    "So be it" murmured Keaira.
    With that, from within her crimson robes Keaira withdrew a dark almost black red rose. From the rose, she tore a single petal. Keaira pressed the petals to her lips, the petal shimmered and in a poof of black and red smoke was a blackened blade. The blade itself was black as ebony and shone like a fine jewel in sun light. Keaira held the blade tentatively as if she was afraid of the blade. Keaira then drew the blade across the right side of her neck, marring her once unblemished skin. From the think wound, drained a single vein of blood that began to slide down her neck, almost caressing like down her.
    "Drink quickly, for its potency is best when fresh," whispered Keaira as she knelt beside Eosayne. Eosayne's cheeks flushed with the mere closeness of their bodies. Keaira's scent once again wafting around him like smoke. He could breathe in nothing but her scent, it was intoxicating.
    "Hurry, before I do become as wasted as you," whispered Keaira; her voice was hoarse now.
    Eosayne swallowed hard as his heart raced, this would be the closest he had ever gotten to a woman, ever other than of course his mother as a babe. Eosayne wrapped his hands around the back Keaira's head and neck, and slowly brought the wounded area closer to his face. He could smell her blood. It too smelled of jasmine and lust long since forgotten.
    Eosayne licked his lips. His heart still racing. He pulled Keaira still a little closer to him, and then a little more.
    Finally, he brought his lips to his mistress's neck and drank from the wound. Eosayne drank deep. The blood tasted old, but not as old as he thought it would taste. A sudden rush went through him, and them his body began to burn. it began to burn so intensely that Eosayne couldn't breathe. Keaira had to tear herself away from his seizuring body as it twitched rolled. Finally, as Eosayne thought he could take no more, the burning suddenly subsided. His body felt new and unworn. His hearing like that of any animal as well as hearing. He sense of smell astonished with the different scents he could now smell.
    Keaira sank to the ground, her pale skin now almost sickly. Eosayne rushed to her side.
    "You drank too much slave, now you must carry your Lady into town," ordered Keaira.
    "With pleasure my lady," answered Eosayne with renewed vigor as he swept Keaira off her feet.

    Will continue rest of chapter later....