• Intro:

    The bright moon shone high above the forest, casting a white light on everything below her. She slowely moved across the sky, staring down upon her land. Within the bowels of the nearly black forest, dark shadows slinked their way toward a clearing.

    With their ears pricked and waiting, the small shadows moved on, prepared for anything. Their claws were shethed, and their bright eyes glinted in the moonlight.

    None of them spoke.

    It seemed like an eternity untill, finally, they reached the clearing. One of the shadows, a small black cat, stood and spoke, her voice easily carying through the wide open space.

    "Let us rest here." The folowing cats spread out around her and filled a small space in the clearing. There were only nine shadows in the corner, all huddling around each other to keep warm, and with a final sigh, the cats all settled down to prepare once more for their long journey to find their new home.