• The Dream
    (The scene takes place in a forest . Our heroine is in a tunnel after being persued for two miles.)

    *pant* *pant*(I think i lost him) (foot steps approching)

    Now Friday you honestly didn't think you could exscape me did you?
    I was kinda hopeing I did Rian
    hmp Well friday do you reconize this tunnel
    Yea I did. This is the Tunnel you killed my perents in.
    This is ironic. How so? this is the tunnel your perents died in and so will you (then he lunges at her with his knife in hand)

    Miss Friday it's time to wake op Miss Friday...
    ahh Wack oops sorry jeff.
    Well your not egear to get up this morning. bad dream. Was it the same one as last time? yes.