• "Why are you here?"
    I turned around, since the voice came from behind me.But it was still so dark I couldn't see one inch in frount of me.
    I don't know how I had gotten here. I had just walked into an old cave that I had decided to explore and all light just...disappered. Then when I was looking around, I had heard that voice.
    "I asked you, why are you here?"
    "I-I was just exploring. I didn't mean to get anyone angry. Who are you?"
    There was silence. "Can I trust you?" the voice asked. I didn't speak. Who was this guy?
    I felt a hand at my throat pin me to the wall. I could tell that my captor was right in front of me, but then soneone else started to tie my hands behind my back. There were two people...maybe more.
    "Of course," I gasped. My vision was starting to go fuzzy, "who would I tell?"
    "Your friends, your parents."
    "I have no friends, and my parents wouldn't care even if I did tell them. They would probably forget anyway."
    I heard some scuffling, and a match was lit. I cought a qyick glimpse of my captors before my eyes were coved with a blindfold.
    "Do you think we can trust her?"
    "Doesn't seem like she has anyone to tell."
    "Why not?"
    The person holding me quickly let go of my neck. I fell on the floor, coughing, and thanking any gods there were before I was yanked on to my feet and pushed forward.