• The both walk through the door. Then Akari jumped on Nate’s back. “Get off me!” “Stop complaining and let’s move,” she said with a grin on her face. “So u go to Mabelia High,” “Ma I’m transferring!” “To where?” “Mabelia High.” “What the heck is all the fuss about,” Akari thought to herself as she ate her lunch. “Akari you won’t believe this!” “What.” “There’s girl who looks exactly like you in the main hallway!” Choking on her food, “WAT!!!!.” As she made her way through the crowd she sees what everyone was talking about. “Hey,” she said with a cute look on her face. “What the hell are you doing here!?” “Oh hi Akari,” she said smiling. “And how do you know my name,” she inquired in an aggressive tone. “Well that what people have been calling me so I figured it was your name.” “By the way my name is Keira.” “It means dark in Japanese,” Keira said. “Isn’t that funny your name means light in Japanese,” Nate pointed out. “Why me,” she said slapping her hand on her forehead. Later, “Yuzuki I’m home.” “ Oh.” “And I brought my twin,” Akari said glumly as Keira waved enthusiastically. “Welcome to our home.” “Thank you.” “Akari where is Nate?” “Club activities I’ll be practicing.” “Wait your guest ah twin.” “You can have her,” she said annoyingly slamming the door behind her. “Is he always that cranky?” “No.” Later, Akari’s on the roof doing her yoga. “OH AKARI!!!!!!!” Loosing her concentration she fell off. BAM! “Ouch,” she said painfully. “Akari please get off of me,” Nate said. “Where the heck did you fall from?” “From the roof that… that … b***h ruined my concentration. “I’ve never heard you use the ‘b’ word before.” He said taking of his uniform. “You’re very angry.” As he got closer to her. “Yes!” He then grabs her and holds her by her stomach beginning to caress her neck. “Nate again,” she said mesmerized. “Hm.” “Oh Akari I’m lea…. “Ok see ya,” she said with Nate on her and her arms around him. “Your cutting into me time,” he said as he paused from drinking her blood. “Sorry.” “R rated,” she thought to herself. Later, “She got the wrong idea about earlier.” “For sure,” Akari said as she wiped her neck from the blood. “You took a lot.” “I know sorry.” “Ah you owe me.” “Deal.” One week later. “What are you staring at,” Akari said annoyed. “Don’t you have other people to bug?” “Sorry but I wanted to hang with you,” Keira told her. “I didn’t invite you,” she said angrily. “Do you hate me that much,” Keira responded with tears in her eyes. “Ugh.” “I’m going for a walk,” she said leaving the cafeteria. “Akari wait.” After getting away from her she stopped at the stair case. “That’s not true,” she thought to herself as a tear rolled down her freckled cheek. “I don’t hate you,” she thought now crying silently. As she slide down the wall now sitting on the floor with her feet to her face crying even more. While three floors above Nate was making out with a girl when he got a strange feeling. “Akari,” he thought. “I gotta go.” “Nate,” the girl said whining. As he turns the last corner “Ak…,” he stopped and thought “I’m too late.” As he watched her crying in the arms of another boy. “Sorry about that,” she said finally loosing her grip of him while wiping her tears away. “It’s ok.” “Its not like everyday a cute girl cries on your chest,” he said jokingly. He was a very tall, cute boy. His hair was black and white at the end. His left ear had a lightening strike earring. “Ha, ha, ha you’re funny,” she said laughing. “Thanks I get that a lot.” “But you look Goth.” “Not my fault it’s my image,” he said with an annoyed look on his face. “Oh yea you’re an actor.” “Sadly,” Azuma said with a glum look on his face. “How come I’ve never seen you,” she asked. “Because you usually walk in the class and sit in the back corner with Nate.” “OH.” “Sooo…, what were you crying about?” “It’s a family matter kinda private,” she said looking away form him. “Akari the bus is here,” said Keira. “I have to go.” ‘Alright.” “Oh and thanks again.” “No prob… seriously.” Later, “Everyone my best friend Seira.” “Hi.” “Hello,” Nate and Akari said in unison. “She’s the one who builds my gadgets and stuff, she’s really good.” “Keira stop,’ Seira said red in the face from embracement. “And Nate builds Akari’s gadgets.” “Even though they are not appreciated,” Nate said. “Well it was fun meeting u now you can leave,” she said returning from her room in a bathing suit n baggy pants. “Can we join you please,” Keira said begging Akari. “Yes you can u can use one of Akari’s swim suite she refuses to wear,” Yuzuki interrupted.
    “Yuzuki what are you doing?”
    “Oh thank you Yuzuki.”
    “No problem.”

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