• Outlaw
    By: Alicia Mortimer

    “Kaya! What have you done?!” Dev exclaimed as he stared at the crimson stains on the fresh carpet.
    Kaya didn’t say anything as she lowered her right arm, setting down her lance.
    “Answer me!” Dev shook her as angry tears rolled down his cheeks.
    “I-I didn’t mean to…” Kaya whispered as she crouched down next to the body. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” Silent tears escaped her eyes, falling onto Leo’s limp arm. She grasped his hand and carefully placed it against her cheek.
    Dev started pacing around the room. “Why? Why did you do it, Kaya?!” He had his back to her, clenching his fists until they turned red.
    “I’m sorry…” she repeated.
    “C’mon. Let’s get out of here. I hear them coming.” He grabbed her arm to pull her up, but she refused. “Come on,” he hissed.
    “What do we do with Leo? My tears…they’re on his arm…”
    “Don’t worry about that. Just…let’s get outta here.” Dev placed his hand on Kaya’s shoulder. A florescent light appeared as they slowly
    disappeared. Kaya waved her last goodbyes as they left Leo’s dead body lying on the floor.
    “Kaya, you should really eat something.” Dev said at the restau-rant. He handed her a menu. “At least get a drink.”
    She stared at the menu for a long moment before she started poking at it.
    “Find something?” Dev looked up from his menu to see what she was poking at. “Sprite?”
    She nodded.
    “Okay then. Waitress!” he called.
    The waitress looked over at him.
    “Be right back,” she said to the waiter she was conversing with. She walked over to their booth.
    “What would you like?” she said sweetly.
    “She would like a sprite. I would like…lemonade, please.”
    The waitress picked up the menus and walked away.
    Kaya took out her cell phone. She fiddled with the buttons and icons for a few minutes before the drinks arrived.
    “Drink,” Dev commanded.
    Kaya took a long sip of the soda then put it back on the table and went back to playing with her phone.
    “Do you believe in ghosts?” she asked.
    “Yeah, why?”
    “Ever felt like one is haunting you? Waiting for the right moment to launch their revenge?”
    “Kaya…does this have to do with—“
    “Yes…” quiet tears began sliding down her cheek.
    Dev moved over to her side of the table. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder. “I know you didn’t mean it.” He wiped her tears away with his fingertip.
    “You and Leo…you were best friends. I don’t understand.”
    “You don’t understand what?”
    “Why don’t you hate me…? I killed your best friend.”
    “I’m not sure…” he paused for a long moment, then whispered in her ear, “I could never hate the one I love.” He kissed her cheek and went back over to his side of the table.
    “It’s…warm…” she whispered, lightly touching her cheek.
    “Of course,” he grinned, just as the waitress arrived with the food.
    “Here’s your food, sir. Anything else?”
    “No.” Dev began unrolling his silverware as the waitress set the bill on the table.
    Kaya was typing random messages on her cell phone to nobody in particular.
    “Stop texting and eat,” Dev put a plate of food in front of her and handed her some silverware. “I won’t allow you to starve yourself.”
    “Why not..?” she mumbled, putting her phone away.
    “Tch…” she picked at the chicken on her plate before she took a little bite. “What’s the green stuff?”
    “C’mon. Let’s pay the bill and get outta here.” He lowered his voice, “Remember? We’re on the run.”
    “Right,” Kaya slid out of the booth and met up with Dev at the cashier’s counter. Dev gave the cashier the cash and left. Kaya fol-lowed.
    “You remember the rule, right?” Dev said when they were outside and away from people.
    “No credit cards. Only use cash,” Kaya muttered.
    “Good, you still remember.” He slung his bag over his shoulder and took a step forward. “We should get moving.”
    “Yeah. Where to next, Dev?”
    “Banil. Um…eighty miles away.”
    “That’s far away!”
    “Don’t worry,” he wrapped his arm around her shoulder and tele-ported them. “That’s what magic is for,” he whispered.