Chapter 13 - Cyberspace and mystery

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    *In the Resistance fighter HQ ship, The flagship just docked on board with Phil, Kos-Mos, Vent, Aile, Rush, and Kaolla, allong with there retreved biometals headed to the bridge to meet Kay in person.*

    Kay= Phil. I see you and your teams returned safely, that's a relief, but we did some scanning on that area where John disapeared. We scanned the place where John disapeared. Our intelegence team believes he may have been sucked into a cyberspace wormhole.

    Vent= WHAT!? What's a cyberspace wormhole?

    Aile= A wormhole? Cyberspace?

    Kaolla= Cyberspace?

    Kay= Cyberspace is another dimenson that binds with the physical world we live in. It's an artifical world. People sometimes call it the digital world. There are some rumors and stories that cyber elves live in that place.

    Kos-Mos= Cyberspace? I have no data on cyberspace.

    Phil= Kay, we need to find John and get him back.

    Kay= But in our current state, we need proper rescorces like a specal advanced biometal or a cyber elf or even a program navi to enter cyberspace, but I never in my life ever heard of an actual human being being pulled in cyberspace. This is indeed very odd. John may as well be the first one.

    Phil= Damn!

    Vent= But we can't leave him there.

    Aile= Is there anything you can do?

    Kay= Well, detecting life forms in cyberspace is very hard. You have to go from one point in a continent to another in order to scan cyberspace. Besides, cyberspace is a big place and as we speak, John may be wondering in cyberspace and may have left the snow peak about now.

    Rush= *whines*

    Kaolla= Miss Kay, it was my fault. I let John go alone.

    Kay= Don't blame yourself Kaolla-chan, we will get John back. But it will be hard.

    *The bridge main screen turned on and there was contact message from Prairie*

    Prairie (radio)= Kay, this is Prairie from the guardian base. Is everyone on board safely?

    Kay= Yes indeed.

    Prairie (radio)= Good. Fleueve has told me he has worked on some biometal upgrades using the rescources provided by Kaolla for the biometals and has been working on repairing them as well.

    Fleueve (radio)= Well guys, I been working on some biometal upgrades. I will be sending them to you shortly via item transport.

    Kay= Thank you so much Fleueve.

    Fleueve (radio)= *chuckles* Anything to help our friends out miss Kay.

    Kay= Oh Prairie, have you heard from Maggie-chan yet?

    Prairie (radio)= Maggie is doing fine. She has reported me that Slither is investigating Space pirate activity that occoured several days ago. There seemd to be space pirates were dispatched by a type of reploid with unatural intense power.

    Phil (mutters)= ...Omega Zero.....he must have done that.

    Kay= Omega Zero?

    Phil= He's been searching for a chance to get his hands on John. We don't have anymore time to waste. We better get a move on.

    Kay= Well, all of you get some rest and we will keep scanning for John. I know it's hard but you people need rest. That's an order.

    Phil= Not for me Kay, HELL no! As long as there's mavericks, I won't rest till all of them are dead!

    *Phil leaves, with a angered look upon his face*

    Kay= Phil, WAIT! *sighs*

    Vent= What's up with that guy?

    Aile= Shush Vent!

    Kaolla (in deep thought)= Poor Phil, what happened to you long ago?

    *On his way back to the Pillar, Phil once again had those horrific visions of the aliens that massacred his old crew*

    Phil= I'll never rest...until THEY are dead!

    (music dies down slowly)

    *Meanwhile..........In cyberspace*

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    John= Well, how am I supposed to get outa here? The others are gonna go bonkers if they found out I got sucked into a cyberspace wormhole.

    Model M= Don't be suprised. They would have figured it out by now since you have Kaolla.

    John= Where are you leading me? Are we supposed to find our way out'a here?

    Model M= You hold your horses John! Your not getting off so easaly. Before we leave, I need to show you something.

    John= Since were out of the ice cap area, im sure were in the global tourian I assume where every piece internet connection s**t is all linked to here. Am I right?

    Model M= Correct. Now shut up and just follow my lead.

    Model L= *giggle* You 2 are sure getting allong well so far.

    John= Real cute honey, *sighs* don't forget your trapped here with me too you know.

    Model M= Were here. Now approach that capsule.

    John= HEY!! That's another of those Ciel capsules that Prairie showed be on board the guardian base.

    Model M= That's correct. Now once you approach it, it will activate. It will only react to your DNA readings so nobody else can accsess it.

    John= That's a bummer fro my friends. I wish Phil and the others can...

    Model M= Model S has really gotten into your head hasn't she? Now just shut it and approach the capsule.

    John= *sighs* Yes...sweetheart.....

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    *Sudenly the capsule activated and then the top piece reached as far as it supposed to go, and a hologram activated and it was none other than the hologram of Allouette.*

    John= *gasps* Alo...A...Alo!!

    Allouette (hologram) = I am sure that you are stunned to meet me in this time era when Ciel could not. You have whitnessed and met my grown up self, Prairie. That was the prototype me that I chose to become and be modified by incase if something had happened to Ciel, I would take her place as guardian leader. This hologram was made before that very time and this Chobits class biometal I discovered before the time you entered Rangarock 2. I hid this biometal and this capsule into cyberspace and sent Model M to find you when the time was right. I couldnt let it stay in Abagale so I had it re-located. Now unlike Model S, this biometal you can enter cyberspace at your own will. You can use this biometal to use cyber elves to almost unlimited compacity and she also contains all the cyber elf research I ever did. So ... She can tell you how to use cyber elves like Model S can tell you about a cyber soul you obtain.

    John= Fantastic!!

    Allouette (hologram)= Now, John, this world needs you to find the Model W's also known as pieces of Rangarock. You will have a better advantage when you learn all about Model M so please treat her with care. Now step into this capsule so you will get the full Model M program. I seperated her from her full power because if something was to happen like if someone tried to steal this capsule or Model M, the perputrator could not obtain it. Now recieve it now.

    *John stepped into the capsule and recieved the upgrade.*

    Allouette (hologram)= Now I also added an extra for the download. A cyber chip to go into Model S.

    John= Model S isn't with me now. She's with my friends.

    Allouette (hologram)= In cyberspace, you are not allone. There's a friend who will help you. I will see you again someday.

    *The capsule deactivated*

    John= Well, that was...... suprising.

    *Sudenly there was a red and white cyber elf that approached John and talked to him.*

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    Red cyber elf= So.... you are called John.

    John= Yes I am.

    Red cyber elf= You seemed to have met my counterpart. That one that I once fought against. To defend those reploids and Ciel. Now as long as you are in cyberspace, I can help guide you as Allouette instructed me.

    John= Who are you?

    Red cyber elf= You can call me .... Tello, for now. My real identity will not be available until the time is right.

    John= I need to get back to my friends before they try something wreckless.

    Tello= I see. Now you will need to find some cyber elves before you leave. We then need to get to your friends and prepare for the battle to destroy the pieces of Rangarock.

    John= You wanna help me destroy those rangarock pieces, YOU GOT IT!

    Tello= Oh, John.... Do you want to know something about Model M? Just ask her.

    John= Ok. Model M, What's this ..... something Tello says you know something?

    Model M= Well John, you know that Model S can double megamerge with other biometals? I can do that too.

    John= Yeah? It would be funny if you had a different look or....

    Model M= I do not merge like she does. I work differently. I cannot assume the forms but I mainly focus on specal attacks and moves. I can change my body color but I do not go out showing off like Model S does. I can perform specal attacks outside the cyberspace as charged attacks can be used in an instant.

    John= Really!? Cool.

    Model M= That's not all. Why not try it now? In cyberspace,...this ability works differently in here. Go on and try it with that Model L you have.

    John= Well....ok.

    *John duel merges Model L with Model M like he does with Model S..............and sudenly .............. he asumed not just the looks but took complete form of Levaithan herself*

    John (Leviathan's form)= WOAH!!! Holy s**t! I look just like ....Levy!

    Model M= This ability is not just for you amusement you know? This ability serves a purpose. While you are in cyberspace, I am the only biometal that you can use in here. Not even Model FA has any power here. You cannot use other biometals seperately here. There will be a time when you come across this ability. Trust me.

    (Music dies down)

    *Meanwhile........... in the resistance ship............*

    (Music playing- Escape from enemy base / Tales of Symphonia)

    Kay= I just recieved word from centeral command that someone else has been assighned with us on our mission. He seems to be another friend of John and has heard about his triumph in the timeline of this dimenson as well. His name is Brock and he's being sent here to us.

    Phil= Brock?

    Vent= Were having another person to join us?

    Kay= Correct. He too has experiance in magic as well, infact, according to our rescources,... he's a half demon who is bested for fire type magic.

    Vent= What does that make John then?

    Kay= Perhaps John's universal.

    Aile= Now what kind of question is that Vent?

    Phil= Oh C'mon Aile, lighten up. He's only curious.

    Kay= Oh, .... he's here.

    Brock= Oh,.... hi. Im Brock by the way.

    *A young man Brock appeared. He stood tall and somewhat skinny with red hair and with a single eyebrow. He looked towards the others*

    Kaolla= Long time no see Brocky!

    Brock= Oh... Hi Kaolla.

    Phil= Yo' Brock. You and Kaolla know each other?

    Brock= Yes infact I go a couple of years back.

    Phil= Well, anyway's welcome to the team pal. We got lots to discuss. Are you familiar with cyber space?

    Brock= Oh yes. I can help. Let me go to the net intelegence center. I need to help Kay with it in order to find John for you.

    (Music dies down)

    *Meanwhile.............In a place.....unknown.*

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    Prometheus= So master,.... It apears that John has arrived in this world 100 years further as predicted.

    Mystery man (radio)= Well. John does sound interesting. So Serpant has named him "Mega Man Plum". Sounds fitting for his title for processing a rediculous looking biometal. *chuckles*

    Pandora= Master, even though John is capable of equiping biometals that do not have a biomatch, he's stil able to megamerge with a biometal. This we stil do not understand.

    Prometheus= Pandora's right. That stil bothers me. When we battled John for the first time, he seemed like he wants to defend those arround him, like a goody goody two shoes.

    Mystery Man (radio)= Don't be suprised. After all, his story is legend afterall. A legend that a universal megaman united with 4 legendary guardian heroes. Keep watching him and his friends. He may be yet be the best contestant for the "Game of Destiny". By the way, what is the information about this Phillip McDonald person?

    Prometheus= Sir, ..why are you somewhat interested in that guy?

    Mystery Man (radio)= He looks..... familiar. I thought I seen him somewhere before. I need to discus that with Master Mikhial about that. I swore I seen someone in a history book that somehow resembles that man.

    Pandora= Good luck master. And did you find anything about the pink biometal he had 100 years ago?

    Mystery Man (radio)= Yes indeed. The pink biometal he had was not part of the M.E.G.A. system desighn. Neither was the black biometal you said it closely resembled that attacked you. But I an certain that this Model FA is connected to Model C. Im not sure if that fool Serpant could figure it out. He is afterall, our little puppet in our game.

    Prometheus= Master? You said you recalled that Serpant was once one of the guardians?

    Mystery Man (radio)= Correct. He found one of the Model W's and got ...... obsessed. So much infact that he went as far as hacking in and deleting data from the guardian archives. Well,....continue the watch. But let's keep a closer eye on our John friend.

    Pandora= But master? What about this thing I got from the Model FA attack?

    Mystery Man (radio)= I found nothing threatening in it. It's probably nothing. Keep up the good work and also let's keep tabs on these kids,...Vent and Aile. Afterall, them and Serpant DID survive a maverick raid afterall. *chuckles*

    Prometheus= We will continue uing Serpant as our puppet until then. Were sighning off now.

    *Computer screen shuts down.*

    Pandora= You don't suspect that someone may try to find out what were up to do you prometheus?

    Prometheus= Nonsense sis. As long as we keep our cool here we should be ok, but one things for certain,. I stil cannot believe that Dr. Weil and Omega Zero are on the loose looking for John as well?

    Pandora= Then perhaps we should look for Omega Zero ourselves?

    Prometheus= Well,... ok. But were keeping a lid on this, understood? We don't even want Serpant or Master Albert knowing about this.

    *Somewhere in the distance........there was a girl in the shadows that recorded the conversation and crept away from the room and headed to the elevator.*

    Maggie= *whew* That was close. I need to send this to the guys as soon as possible.

    (Music dies down)

    *Meanwhile,..... After traveling cyberspace,....John was lead to an escape point with help from Tello the mystery cyber elf. John appeared in a strange room, all dark with flashing lights and holographic terminals, John stil wearing Model M and it was already sunrise, which Model FA was deactivated automaticly.*

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    John= Where in the heck am I? These terminals..... look familiar. I must be in some sort of hidden base.

    Model M= Then you should try to find a way out of here then...... Im picking up non-human readings. These terminals are not human desighn, nor reploid.

    John= Oh my god. That symbol! This could only mean one thing.

    *John took sight of a circle with a 3 fingered claw shaped handprint and noticed he was in a space pirate facility.*

    Model M= You seem to know this technology.

    John= Space pirates. I stil don't know why there here. But it looks like security is off. We better be careful not to trip any allarms. We also can check the data scorces to find out more why there here.

    Model M= Good idea. Let's begin on analizing these terminals.

    *John scanned a terminal*

    Space pirate log...... 01078 ...... Biometal research file 1.........

    It's incredable that these dimenson inhabitants (or select few) can bond with a living metalic object called a "biometal" which allows the user to harness the power of the biometal that it represents. Therefore, there are some of these inhabitants who can do this. Those who can are fewly selected and seemed to be called "Mega Men". We will conduct further reseaech on biometal and harness it for ourselves.

    John= Oh man, there after the biometal too. We can't let these guys do this. If space pirates got ahold of this, were all in trouble.

    Model M= Let's scan another.

    Space pirate log......01079 ........ Biometal research file 2....................

    It appears that some megamen are selected due to raids from rebelious robots and machines that the inhibitants call "Mavericks". Those who survive a maverick raid are destined to become a megaman. Recently, a scout was missing from action durring the raid with the Slither Inc. that dared to defy us. The scout is either persumed dead or unknown occupation. But one of our scouts did unearth a metalic substance that raidiated a mysterious aura. We took it in for investigation and further study.

    John= These aliens are really getting more desparate. Let's read another.

    Space pirate log ......01098 ....... Ambush from Red Reploid................

    When we scouted the ruined terrotory again where we encountered the Slither Inc. solgers, we encountered something else, that stood a far higher threat. The reploid being possesed outstanding power and phisique. This being names itself "Omega Zero" Who is also looking for the human "John" and wishes to have him alive for reasons unknown. The Cybermen and other machines stood no chance against the being. We hope that the wild unit does not turn to eliminate us allong with the humans it hates so much. Further investigation is neded to do further anylisis on Omega Zero for the time beeing.

    John= Man! There on to O.Z. too!?

    Model M= John... I have a question. Who is this Omega Zero?

    John= Long story. Let's keep collecting info, ok?

    Space pirate log ............01080 ........... Biometal research file 3..................

    We investigated the fragment we descovered and it appeared to be some sort of living metal like the biometal, similar, but much different. We condemed further research and attempted to create our own biometal and atempted to invent a Biometal of our own. The first few attempts were disasterous. Voulenteers were either jabbed todeath with metal parts that severed through there bodies. Another team died from reasons unknown, and the third suffered mental spazams and chronic breakdowns. We finaly solved the problems and apparently had some data and D.N.A. of our enemie "Samus Aran" and attempted to create a biometal to resemble her.

    John= Now this is getting interesting. Are you getting this?

    Model M= Affermitive.

    John= No need to get all formal, you can just say "hell yeah" or "yep" or something?

    Space pirate log....................10181...............Biometal experiment.................

    The 4th attempt of biometal experiments was a sucsess. We created our own biometal. But we had no further experiments or tests run to ensure the perfection of the biometal. However, the experiment is still incomplete and underway. We have a tight security throughout the whole time perioud and so far no disturbances from Slither inc, Omega Zero, or the human male clad in pink and lavendar. We will stop work for tonight. Until then, work has been postponed and personel were transported to another base for assistance with further missions.

    John= There actualy got a biometal?

    *John looked at the case and saw incomplete parts within a capsule and it appeared to have metalic pieces, and parts from origins unknown.*

    Model M= It's the experiment.

    John= I bet if we take this with us to the Tardis I bet we can fix it ourselves. Is there a cyberspace gate in here?

    Model M=Yes.. there is.

    John= GOOD! Were taking it then.

    (Music dies down slowly)

    *So John grabbed the canaster containing the unfinished biometal and once again entered cyberspace. As for John's friends, they have a new friend and how are they going to find John? Find out next time.*