• The last thing i saw before i was broken
    Was those beautiful blue eyes
    The first thing i remembered when i woke up
    Was your sparkling blue eyes
    Everything drifts away when your not with me
    Then it all picks up again when i see

    All those pictures of us together
    Staying close because we don't want to let go
    I miss all those days, the days that won't be erased
    Because those blue eyes used to be on fire
    And i loved it

    The perfect picture with no frame
    Was your flawless face
    The wonderful memory i can't remember
    Was that one time
    It was raining you and asked me to dance
    We waltzed in the empty street and all i could see

    Was my life, with you
    It looked so beautiful to me
    And all my days, with you looked so easy
    Because with me in your arms everything
    Was perfectly alright