• The Ending!

    One drizzly afternoon I peacfully walk through the woods. The drizzle suddenly start to pour! I run for shelter the thing is I am far from home. Unexpectedly I see a safe cave I run for shelter. When I walk in releifed from the wet and cold rain I see a light flicker in the distance. I walk slowly in confusion all of a sudden I see a camp fire, a coffin, and weird writings on the wall like ancient symbols of some sort. As I start to walk back to the opening of the cave I hear music I find a door and reach for it.

    As I grab it I feel a shock down my back I turn the nob and slowly open the door to find it smelling like iron and old people! I walk in seeing the cause of the music an old man full of rinkles. I feel reliefed until he says he was expecting me. I sit in confusion and ask how do you know me? He says I dont I am just hungry! I start to run but he clutched my shoulder and smiles I shreek as I see his white shimmering fangs, then he asks me a question where is my amulet? I wonder what he talking about! He asks me again in frustration. I studder and say I dont know! He shifts my neck to the side till it breaks! I feel his fangs break through my skin I scream for help he cracks my ribs I yelp! He drops me on the ground, the light dims as I drift into death!

    Dinner time comes mom calls me in I dont come! She gets the neighborhood to find me, they look in the cave and find nothing there that I saw it was all gone! The look in the room to see ashes on the ground they dont know its was my remains mom crys for me! They never found me and that was the end of my life!