• *Fourty-Five minutes later. Emily is lying down on a pool chair, with rock music playing. Sugar is still trying to find signal, by taking small steps away from the trailer and van. Raphael and Nightmare are trying to fix the tires, Ayane is watching, and Ghost is inside the trailer. Their dog, Rex is lying on the desert sand, looking bored. Reaper walks over to Emily.*

    Reaper: Hey Emily…

    Emily: Hey!

    Reaper: How you doing?

    Emily: I am thrilled!

    *Reaper chuckles.*

    Emily: You know, I don’t care what anyone says, next year we are going to the ....Bahamas....…by PLANE.

    Reaper: Tell me about it…this crap just got worse. They can’t fix the tires.

    Emily: You see?

    *Sugar walks over to Raphael, Nightmare and Ayane.*

    Ayane: Any luck?

    Sugar: Nope…no luck at all.

    *Raphael kneels up.*

    Nightmare: So, Raphael…what do we do?

    *Raphael doesn’t reply. Instead, he reaches into the back of the van and grabs a water bottle.*

    Nightmare: Raphael…what are we going to do?

    *Raphael takes a deep breath.*

    Raphael: We walk.

    Sugar: You HAVE to be kidding.

    Ayane: Raphael, we’re not walking! We’re miles from anywhere.

    Raphael: What else are we supposed to do??

    *Ghost comes out of the trailer and joins them.*


    Ghost: We can wait here until help arrives.

    Ayane: What do you mean?

    Ghost: Well, we can’t do anything else.

    Raphael: We’re walking.

    Ayane: We’re not walking!

    *Raphael turns to Ayane.*

    *A pause.*

    Raphael: If we don’t find help within three miles, we’ll walk back.

    *He walks over to Emily and Reaper.*

    Ghost: We're.....gonna die.

    *He walks to Emily and Reaper.*

    Raphael: Reaper, Emily!

    *Reaper and Emily look at him.*

    Raphael: We’ll be heading out soon! But first…we’re eating. I’m hungry.

    *He turns to Nightmare.*

    Raphael: Help me bring the table out…please...

    *Nightmare goes help to help Raphael, as Sugar goes inside the trailer to get her cake.*

    Ghost: That guy has COMPLETELY lost his mind!

    Ayane: Ghost…don’t start…please. Things are bad enough already…

    Ghost: I swear, I better be getting home…ALIVE.

    *Ayane rolls her eyes and walks inside the trailer, as Rex follows.*

    Sugar: Raphael…are you SURE it’s safe to walk?

    *Raphael smiles and hugs her.*

    Raphael: Yes, I’m sure. Don’t worry, we’ll be fine.

    *Nightmare and Raphael grab the glass table and bring it outside, as Sugar follows. Ayane is getting a soda, when she sees something off the distance through the window. She takes a closer look and sees a light flashing from beyond the small mountains. There was somebody in those mountains. She looks even closer, until Reaper pops up, and bangs the wall, which scares her.*

    Ayane: Reaper! You a*****e! >:O

    Reaper: Can you get me a soda??

    Ayane: NO! >:O

    Reaper: Aww… =[

    *She closes the blinds. Reaper walks away, and she glances at the small mountains again. The light wasn’t there. She then takes her soda, and walks out the trailer.*

    *Outside, Nightmare, Ghost, Raphael and Emily are sitting around the table, and Sugar comes out with her cake. it has pink frosting and chocolate kisses on them. There were words written in icing saying "SUGAR"*

    Sugar: My cake is done!! :]

    Ghost: I'll pass...

    *Sugar throws a fork at him and laughs.*

    Emily: So...does anyone know EXACTLY where we are?

    Nightmare: Nope...NO idea. >.>

    Emily: You know, if we had just stayed on the main road, we'd be in vegas right now.

    Sugar: Yeahh, well hopefully we'll get out of here soon. it's hoot! =/

    *Ayane and Reaper join the others. They all sit and eat Sugar's cake. The cake is about halfway gone, as Sugar is eating from the whole thing.*

    Raphael: Alright, we’re going to start heading out now.

    *Nightmare gets up.*

    Nightmare: Well, it was nice knowing me.

    Raphael: Nightmare, don’t act dumb.

    *Emily puts on her shades, and Reaper goes and gets a soda. Nightmare and Raphael put the table back in the trailer, and they’re all getting ready to leave.*

    Ayane: You people ready?

    Ghost: Hey, Raphael…how about if I stay here?

    Raphael: Why…?

    Ghost: You know…just incase someone comes…I’ll tell them to go look for you...

    Sugar: Are you sure you can take CARE of yourself?

    *Ghost glances at her. Sugar laughs and walks over to Ayane.*

    Ayane: Don’t worry…we’ll be on our way home soon.

    Sugar: Yeah, let’s just…hope.

    *Reaper and Emily walk to them as well.*

    Emily: I can’t believe…that we’re stranded in the middle of the desert.

    Reaper: Start believing…

    Emily: Hey, Raphael!!

    Raphael: *From inside the trailer.* yeah??

    Emily: Rex is coming too, okay?

    Raphael: *coming out of the trailer.* Sure.

    *Rex runs out the trailer and runs to Emily. Emily pets him.*

    Brianna: Hey Rexy!

    Reaper: Oh, God.

    Raphael: Alright, so Ghost is staying…because for once, he had a point.

    *Nightmare comes out of the trailer.*

    Ayane: Okay, let’s just see if anyone’s there so we can go to Vegas. I didn’t pay two hundred for nothing.

    *They all start walking, and Ghost stays behind, in the trailer.*

    *Two hours later. Sunset is coming, and Ghost is in the trailer, watching the big TV. He flips through the channels, not finding anything interesting to watch. He sighs.*

    *He walks in the kitchen and takes out a box of Devil Dogs. He grabs one, unwraps it and takes a bite.*

    *He then goes to the window, and suddenly sees the flashing light. He looks at it closer. He puts the cake on the counter and goes outside.*

    *He sees the light still flashing.*

    Ghost: What the hell…?

    *The flashing light stops. Was there someone there?*

    *He suddenly hears a raspy voice.*

    Voice: Ghost…

    *Ghost looks behind him. No one. He hears it again.*

    Voice: GHOSTY!

    Ghost: Reaper, cut the s**t!!

    *The voice then starts laughing. It sounds nothing like Reaper or any of his friends. Ghost quickly runs inside the trailer, and locks the door.*

    *It’s silent, and he looks behind, and back in front of him.*

    *Suddenly, he hears the voice, but it sounds like it’s inside the trailer.*

    Voice: Ghost…

    *Ghost stops. He slowly looks behind him, and suddenly a de-formed man pops out and tackles him. Ghost yells, and punches in and breaks free. He then gets up and runs outside the trailer. The deformed man suddenly takes out a wire of barbwire. He critically throws it, and the barbwire wraps around Ghost's neck, causing Ghost to fall back, hitting the ground. The deformed man starts dragging Ghost to him, fast and Ghost yells for help. He is gagging, and blood is squirting from his neck. Ghost stops in front of the deformed man, and the deformed man raises his axe, and pierces it into Ghost's forehead.*