• Point of View--First Person

    [Part, name, year of birth, age]
    Narrator- Maya Cornea Van Drake, 1445, 562
    Oldest Brother- Michael Van Drake, 1143, 864
    Oldest Sister- Christina Van Drake, 1350, Dead
    Were-wolf-Fredrick La Cruz, 1244, 763

    It seems so long now, almost to long to remember such an old and strange past. Long before computers and other amenities of this day and age. Back before the 'holy' war in the east, the holocaust, atomic testing, and the movement of science. In the more primeval time when myths, legends, and folklore; were the fear of every night and talk of every day. In truth, they were more open in the past then they are today. Vampires, Were-beings, Ghouls, and many other nightmarish things walked among the Earth. Each fright was real and palpable then the Hollywood movie monsters of today.

    It has been over two centuries since I have last thought about my sullen past. I must have gone insane over time to even be writing about such an alarming history. Opening up bits and pieces of the supernatural world unlike no other. However, we do exist in this garish world of city lights and screaming improvements on science. With the newest improvement upon the community of hunters and scientists, we have evolved to be smarter and to hide ourselves from others. That is not my intent; I wish to express my solitude.

    Let me introduce myself, I am Maya Cornea Van Drake, one of the last of my fretful family. You see my father was an odd vampire, mixing blood with other beings to find a stronger vampire. I had many siblings because of this but none younger than I. For I was the last one to be 'created', the one who was snapped at by the family for making fun of my human like qualities. I was born on December 19th, 1445. By today’s calendar, I am 562 years old; but don’t look a day over 18 years old.

    Enough with introducing myself, my mind is teeming with memories from on day and night of my sisters 456th birthday. Holding a single black rose, a lifeline that us vampires have to give to someone close or special. I was holding my flower close, thinking on a way to meet someone at my own sister's birthday. I knew none wanted to see or touch me. My blood was tainted, being a Dhamir, half human and half vampire. Unlike the other vampires, I could walk in the sunlight. That is what I was doing that day, looking out to the Carpathian Mountains in Romania from the Van Drake’s courtyard. Such a wonderful day as a placid voice that belonged to the most wonderful werewolf.

    "May I ask who you are?" His accent was thick; his deep icy blue eyes held a certain disposition that sent chills down my spine. His ebony hair was long and loosely pulled into a rawhide tie. Also, for being in the summer months of 1806, he wore a simple tan silk shirt and black cloth pants to match. What this wolf was wearing made me feel over dressed in my maroon summer gown and light cloak that draped my shoulders.

    "I'm the youngest daughter of Lord Van Drake, Maya." I said plainly. There is nothing great about my name or any ties to it. But, I saw it, the first time I have seen anyone look at me with concern and interest on their face. I have always asked myself this. 'Why would anyone take interest in me?'

    "How is it possible for a vampire to walk in plain daylight?" The male wolf asked. I knew this question was going to be brought up, it wasn't normal for any undead to be caught in the sun. Yet here I was, in a world of both living and the dead, or undead.

    "I'm not like the others." I said to him lightly. The emotion was there, yet he hardly shown anything, hiding his curiosity.

    "A Dhamir then?" The wolf-man asked, questioning in his voice. With a brief nod, I turned my back towards him. I knew what he was doing; all were-males did the same thing, just trying to find some female for them to claim as their own. After that, my memory of the meeting in the courtyard seems to be fuzzy. My sister Christina’s birthday seems frivolous to me now, since meeting with the wolf and he never gave me his name.

    Later on, I was dressed more formally for the occasion. It was simple, nothing to over the top. Lightweight and a beautiful color of maroon to match my light silver rimmed, red eyes. My black hair tied up and framed my tan tinted skin. The night grew and many vampire lords and ladies came to this gathering. I only remember the disgusted looks and names of those they belonged to that night. Only one gave me a recognized stare. The wolf.

    "May I present, Lord Fredrick La Cruz." Someone shouted, that one person that I hated greatly. However, it was nice to finally get Fredrick’s name.

    Three hours of glares and pity remarks, I walked out of the room. I couldn’t stand the social oppressive cause by the members in the grand ballroom. I didn't know at first, but there was someone following me. The wolf, no Fredrick, followed me out of the ballroom.

    "Why did you follow me, 'Lord' Fredrick?” I nearly snapped these words out like venom, yet I revoked that bit out. He walked closer to me, seeming taller than before. I felt a sense of docile towards him, which isn't a normal feeling for me; or was this feeling what humans called love?

    "You seemed lonely. I felt the need to come and comfort you in someway." This deplorable act was eating at my very soul. Without thinking, I gave him that rose I held earlier. Just before Fredrick took the darken rose, Michael, my oldest brother came out of nowhere.

    "You imprudent child, you know you are not allowed that privilege!" Michael spat. His anger rose after the were-wolf next to me took hold of the rose gently. Indolently, he smiled at Michael.

    "Lord Michael Van Drake, your little sister seems to have made her own choice." Fredrick defended me; the emotion was strange, as my brother seemed to have disappeared. Most likely calling upon our father to aid him to fight this odd pairing. Fredrick held a smirk on his face as he turned towards me. A questioning gaze in his eyes told me he was confused on the meaning of the rose.
    “You seem so confused, Lord Fred-,” I started

    “Please, just call me Fredrick.” With a short nod, I continued on explaining the flowers meaning.

    “Okay, Fredrick, you might be questioning the rose and how my older brother reacted. Well, it’s a way a vampire trust and calls for someone they like. The flower of the Vampire’s choice can tie their lifeline too. I gave mine to you, I trust you with my life. However, if you see it wilt or die, then I am hurt or dead…” I recited calmly, as if I practiced this over and over.

    “So this explains way vampires always smell of blood and flowers and why they carry around a flower with them. To protect it?” He asked. His voice, even to this day makes me melt in my own emotions. It was all so new to me that I was drowning in my very confusion, as if I was intravenously given the wrong blood or something.

    With a brief nod, I looked up at him. His eyes were so cold yet warm and inviting. Shaking my head I backed away, watching him place the rose in a breast pocket on his formal attire. His hand slowly reached into his pocket, bringing out a fang on a rawhide string.

    “Much like your rose, this is my fang. A lifeline, you can say, on my part. It changes colors if I’m hurt or killed. If I’m hurt, the fang would turn gray, if I’m dead it would turn black.” He said softly, moving quietly behind me to tie the fang around my neck. If I could tell, I believe I was blushing at the sudden feel of his fingers against my neck.

    “I will take my leave for now, I will come back for you.” My wolf whispered. With that simple promise, I turned around and he was gone. Oh how I hate when they do that!

    Later on that night, I walked to my father’s bedchamber. Dressed lightly with a small dagger hidden in the folds of my dress. I had enough with this family, the bashings and rudeness on my behalf. I’ve been planning and training myself for years to annihilate them all. They knew I was more superior to them in many ways, yet they can’t seem to remit me on the fact that I was different.

    It was a few hours until I annihilated my own family. What can I say? They hated me, causing me to distaste them in return. My sister was last, the eldest, the birthday girl. With a wicked grin, I finished her swiftly and without a second thought. However, I was too cocky; my dear brother was still alive. He was hidden, waiting for me to make one wrong move. I had made that move by running out of the room. My family was all ash and blood, yet not a single ounce of remorse came across my mind. As I ran, my brother caught me in the grand halls.

    “Now were are you going my darling sister?” His voice was cold, full of malice at my action upon the family. Michael was stronger than I and I had accepted my defeat knowing that this one I could not win against.

    “N-no where, Michael. W-what are you planning on doing to me?” My voice was lost and broken, my moments of a vampire’s blood rage waved off as something sharp ran through my stomach. I let out a scream as I was dragged outside of the house.

    “I could make you into my lovely slave dear Maya. But I must thank you, you did clear out the home for me. So I will sell you for some profit. Don’t worry, I’ll find you again to check up on you.” I heard his laugher as my mind and body slipped into the endless oblivion of pain and nothingness.