• "You'll have to force me to go in there!"

    "If you insist!" He grabbed me again and jumped into the sewer. It smelled terrible. Like old cheese and milk, mixed with old socks and armpits.

    "It smells like crap in here!" I said, covering my nose. I jumped when I heard something squeak near me.

    "Don't be a baby. You can jump on my back if you want."

    I was about to say no, until I felt something brush my leg.

    "Umm... ok." I said.

    "I thought so." He smiled. I jumped on his back and he continued walking.

    "So, do you live in the sewer or something?" I asked, clearly being sarcastic.

    "Yes, with my family."

    "...No comment. Wait a minute, why the hell do you live in the sewer? Haven't you ever heard of a house?"

    "We're here." He stopped in front of a wall. I jumped off his back and examined it.

    "Umm, ok, yeah, that's a wall!" I said.

    "You sure?" he pushed in one of the bricks on the wall, and the wall slid open, like a sliding door.

    "Ok, that was pretty cool." I smiled. "Is that your secret passage or something?"

    "Secret door. Come on." He went inside with me following. The door led to a room. I looked around, it was like a secret base. The brick walls were the same, but cleaner. There was a couch, a coffee table, and some other chairs. There were a few other doors in the room too. "Is this cool or what?" he asked.

    "It's awes-- oh now that's gross." I said, pointing to a pair of underwear on the floor.

    "That's my brother's underwear." He sighed. "He always leaves it lying around."

    "How many brothers do you have?" I asked him.

    "Only one. But my cousins stay here sometimes." He replied.

    "Oh, cool. So is it only guys living here?"

    "Mostly, only two girls live here."


    "Why you asking? You jealous or something?"

    "No!" Maybe.

    "Don't worry, its just my two cousins, Amy and Charm. They're always nagging on me."

    "Ok." I laughed. Maybe they nagged on him for sitting on people's air conditioners, I thought. Then I nearly screamed when a young man wearing nothing but a towel came in from one of the doors.

    "Hey." He said.

    "Damn it Landon! Put some clothes on! Just because Amy and Charm aren't here, doesn't mean I want to see your uncensored body!" Dean complained. I closed my eyes.

    "You said you were leaving to get a drink!" the boy said.

    "Yeah, but you know I always come back quickly!" Dean said. Then the boy Dean called Landon looked at me.

    "Who's the girl?" Landon asked him.

    "Put clothes on and I'll tell you!" Dean yelled. I opened one eye.

    "Ok, ok. God." He said, and entered another room. I opened both my eyes.

    "Sorry about that, that's my little brother Landon. The one who leaves his underwear everywhere."

    "It's ok." I said, giggling. "That was pretty funny. Do you two always fight like that?"

    "Sometimes." He said.

    "I should come here more often then. I'll have some entertainment." I laughed. Then Landon came back out, wearing a yellow T-shirt and jeans. He looked about a year younger than Dean.

    "Hey retard, you know she's a human, right?" Landon said. He looked like Dean a little bit, in the face. But Dean had short straight black hair with green eyes, and Landon had short spiky brown hair and hazel eyes.

    "Duh you idiot. She's about to become one of us, so if you don't mind..." Dean said.

    "One of you...?" I asked.

    "Oh, ok. I'll leave you two alone then." Landon said, winking at Dean. Then he went back into the room he came from.

    "Dean? What do you mean one of you?" I asked.

    "Luna, as you can clearly see, I'm not human." He said.

    "Yeah, I can tell with all the flying and what not." I said. "But what are you Dean?"

    "Luna, you know I'm not human, you know how I look, and you know where I live. You know too much. You've gotten this far and now you can't go back. And I don't want to kill you. You have to be one of us." He said.

    "Why don't you want to kill me? I told you it's ok if you do." I said.

    "Because I made a friend today and I don't want to lose her." he said. Then his fangs came out. He grabbed me and held me close.

    "Y-you're a... vampire?" I stuttered.

    "Yes. Will you be one of us? Please Luna?" He asked. His eyes flashed red.

    "Ok..." I breathed. I couldn't say no. It was like his eyes hypnotized me. He smiled and leaned into my neck. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Then he bit me. That's when it happened. That's when my life took a turning point. That's when things got turned around. That's when I started to live.
    The feeling of his fangs deepening into my skin felt good and painful at the sametime. I felt my sharp teeth grow, escape from my gums. I felt my blood grow hot, rushing everywhere. I felt it run up and down my skin. I got dizzy and my head fell back. Then he stopped.
    He let go of me and I fell to the floor, breathing hard. The last thing I saw was him, eyes red, mouth bloody, smiling down at me. Then everything went black.
    When I woke up, I was in my bed. Was it all a dream? I thought. I looked at my AC. It was still in place.

    "I must be going crazy..." I said to myself. I got out of bed and got ready for school.

    ~Part 3, coming soon!~