• Running through the thick, Scary forest at 12 O' clock at night, Not wanting to look back and see what was behind me. Suddenly my body gave a violent jerk, Landing on the ground face first. Sitting up I see what looks like blood red eyes staring at me, I walk over there, Shaking a bit from fear. Bending down I picked up what looked like a strange book, Its eyes staring deeply into mine.

    "Nana!!" The voice echoed in my ears, I turned around and looked around at the desolate forest. A shadow in the trees became clear that it was only Alexander, My best friend.

    "Yes, Alexander?" I walked over to him, Forgetting the book was in my hands.

    "I think we should get going now..." Alexander commented, looking down at the book. His voice suddenly lost in his throat.. His eyes filled with horror widening so. "N-Nana.. W-W-Where did y-you get that bb-book?" He stammered, Remembering his past in a flashback.


    "Alexander my son..." Samantha's eyes were very calming as she spoke to her son. Calming him down. However, That didnt last long as the book on the table started glowing, A terriable demon appeared. Swinging his claws at Alexander's mother, She coughed up blood. The demon had struck her in her heart. She was now dead from the demon's poison.


    "I-In the bushes, I totally forgot I had this!" She looked up at her friend in time to see two tears fall from his eyes. The book glowed, And once again the demon showed. Swinging its poisonous claws at the two friends, It disappeared in a dark cloud of smoke. The two friends suffered, Untill they fell into a internal sleep... Never to awake again.