• Chapter 3
    Once we were outside I asked him how he’d known my name. "Umm Angel told me," he replied sheepishly." He really misses you."he added quickly."Uhh then why hasn’t he come back huh why didn’t he come tell us all that he’s alive ,why didn’t he come back then, he was proclaimed dead three years ago
    !"I screamed at him. "I know ,"he replyed surprisingly calm after the way I screamed at him. "Do u want to see him?" he asked me. I wanted to say no but I had wanted to see him since I heard he disappeared . I nodded my head . "Then here take this and follow all the directions I will be there with you but Angel didn’t want me to see these so just follow them in order" .I opened the crumpled piece of paper and I automatically wanted to cry because the first thing it said was I miss you so much I’m sorry if I caused you any pain. I had to leave they threatened to kill you so I left. Now they still want to kill you so I sent for Andrew to get you so I could keep you safe. Awwww he was I good friend was the first thing I thought then I remembered that he had left me oblivious about himself being alive for three years
    .I became furious .Andrew noticed that I was starting to tense up. "Gabby?" Andrew asked nervously. I looked up at him I had forgotten completely that he had been there. "Ok well I have to follow the instructions on this page." I looked down onto the page , skipping all the sentimental parts and going strait to the steps . It read ,step one go pack. I looked at Andrew and told him that I had to go pack he said "ok" . I read step two meet Andrew at red rose garden. "I’ll meet you at red rose garden after I am done,"I told him ." Alright," he replied. And read the next step. Step three pack a lot of cloths you ay be staying long .
    oh great I thought then I packed everything except for my bed. I read step four just in case I needed to do something. Step four say goodbye to all your loved ones who knows when the next time you’ll see them. Tears pricked my eyes I hadn’t thought of that, I heard the creek of the window opening ,I looked knowing that whoever entered was trying to be quiet . It was Andrew. "It always does that I would know," I told him, remembering the many times I had snuck out of that window to be alone. "What are you doing here ?"I asked a little exasperated. "Um Angel gave me a list of my own. He said to come check on you if I thought you were taking to long. "I looked at my watch. It’s been ten minutes ," that’s not long at all ,"I said. "Ok, I admit I wanted to stay near by, just in case ,"he added quickly." Ok at least make yourself useful and take the bags to um," I checked the list step five go stay at the Castaneda Hotel. "Take the bags to the Castaneda Hotel" I ordered him . "Ok, common," he said grabbing all my stuff effortlessly." I have to do some stuff before I leave ."I told him. I went into the kitchen said goodbye to them that I was going to go find Melly . They said"goodbye not knowing that I wouldn’t be back that day. I got out side Andrew was dropping stuff out of my window. I made a mental note to be mad about that later, right now I had to go find Melly and so I went to the last place I saw her .