• The house loomed ahead of us, casting a long, grotesque shadow that swallowed up everything in it's darkness. The lawn, mainly made up of trees, was just splotches of black beside the grey path leading up to the unwelcoming home.
    I took a deep breath to calm myself and crept around the back of the house. "Perfect." I muttered pleasingly to myself. The sliding glass door slid open with out a sound. I took another deep breath and slowely steped inside the black.
    Flipping on my flashlight, I walked over to the pantry. As soon as I put my bag down on the cold tile, another set of footsteps entered the kitchen.
    "If you have to, grab clothes from upstairs.The couple and their daughter," I sneered the word. "leave. All lights are off." As I said this, I began stuffing food into my bag.
    "You sure?"
    "Yah, Im sure. If I wasn't, would we be here?"
    "Guess not. Sorry." Jaden's voice was only a whisper, and, though I spoke louder, I was still soft.
    I continued stuffing food into my bag, and when I was done, I heaved the bag onto my shoulders. "Come on Jay! Time to go." I stage whispered. There was no reply. "Jay?" I whispered again, this time louder. Again, no reply. I was starting to panic. Then I saw a dark shadow in the gloomy hall, creeping down the stairs. My hand clutched my throat when the shape lumbered toward me.
    "Nix?" Jaden's voice eminated from the shape. Letting go of my breath, I walked over to my little brother. With my hand still clutching my throat, I grabbed Jaden's hand and towed him outside. "Come on." I muttered.
    I started fingering the necklace that dangled from my neck. I saw Jaden look up at the old house, white in turn caused me to look up to.
    "You know," Jaden started. "It never ceases to amaze me how different the stories make the Vamps. I mean, look at this house! I may look dark and brooding on the outside, but it's open and light on the inside! Where are the cobwebs? Where are f-ing coffins?"
    "Jaden Mathiew Johnson, Stop that!" Jaden scowled. "Both you and I and everyone else knows they arn't anything like the stories. Not in the long shot. Remember Leah?" Pain flashed across his face.
    "Don't you DARE bring her up, Nixie Jasmin Lion Johnson. Don't you dare." Jaden riped his hand from mine and stormed off. I stood there like an idiot, shock rooting me in place.