• James: wake up!
    he shouted despreatly trying to wake her up.
    vivian lay uncontious on the street. James picked her up and carried her to a gathering of trees so the sun wouldn't shine on her so much.
    he layed her down on a bed of grass and leaves and sat there next to her waiting for an anwser.

    and his anwser came
    in the form of pouring rain.
    clouds covered the sun and vivian began to stir
    James: vivian can you hear me, vivian
    Vivian: yah i can hear you
    vivian said weakly as she sat up
    james leand forward and hugged her
    vivian's pale face turned pink and she hugged him back

    why does this feel so fimilure
    like i belong in his arms
    thought vivian

    vivian feel back and james caught her

    James: are you ok

    Vivian: yah I'm fine it must be the sunlight
    she said weakly

    James: come on we've got to get you out of the sun and back home

    Vivian: i can keep the rain coming but i won't be able to stand

    James: I'll carry you
    he said as he picked her up and ran as fast as he could
    he ran with unhuman speed down the street

    how does he know where i live, thought vivian, as he turned onto her street

    he took her to the front door and set her down
    James: can you stand long enough for me to open the door
    Vivian: i think so

    james pulled the door open and they steped inside
    he picked her back up and walked into the living room
    he put her down on the coach. he layid down on the floor next to the coach and fell asleep.......