• "Well, what am I?" Star asked impatiently. She was tired and shocked so the fact that the guy's weren't answering didn't help.

    "How about we go eat breakfast first?" Seth said, "After all, you have been asleep for five day's." he stated. Star's eyes got wide she felt like she had only slept for five minutes... apparently she was wrong.

    Star's stomach growled and she blushed, embarrassed, then she said "U-um okay... but then you are giving me answers!"

    "Fair enough." Richard said some what demonically. "Actually you deserve to know now!" He said with a happy, but evil grin.

    "NO!" The rest of the boy's yelled, but it was too late.

    "Star you are queen of Zevia, which is the world you are in now. You are human for now but since you have entered this world the seal that kept you human has been broken, you were supposed to become immortal on your birthday, but that was five days ago. So you will become an elemental mix of vampire, demon, and angel. The only one of your kind left, but also the most pure, you are the most powerful being ever created" Richard told you. "Oh yeah and Star is a changed version of your real name, it is Selestia... Queen Selestia." He finished.

    "Uh... who wants breakfast?" Seth asked

    Well that's it for now, P.S. that reference picture is Star or Selestia whichever you want to call her.