• I sit and listen to the rain as it pounds down on the tin roof. You may think that rain is boring and that all it does is makes you wet. I have never been outside and I have never seen rain before. Black is what i see and its all i ever will. I am blind and very sick. I have come to the theroy that I was born in this hospital and that I shall die here. I am growing weaker and weaker as you read this. The sound of the pounding rain grows more faint and I lie back down, my head resting on the soft pillow. Slowly, I drift into a deep sleep. An eternal sleep that I shall never wake up from. I could no longer hear the rain now.

    I ask of one simply favour from the stranger who reads this. Please do not shed a tear for me as I do not want your simpathy.

    I bid you farewell kind stranger and I also thank you for being so kind as to read this.

    Goodbye, forever.