• I never thought it would end this way, everything i love, everything i care for, gone in a instant. My father's dead corpse lay in my hands, next to my mother who's face was paler than the moon, her blood covered her head. The wound in my father's chest continued to slowly ooze forth, cold, lifeless, limp. The pain in my heart was only added to by the thought that only two hours ago, my father and mother were alive, my sister wasn't abducted, and we lived a normal life. It was still so vivid in my mind.
    I was ion bed with a book, i had been reading it for days and i couldn't put it down. i can't remember how long it was until the interruption, but after sometime, i heard someone knock on the door. We usually don't get visitors so it was odd, but i heard my mother get it and decided not to care. the voice sounded like a young man, around his mid-20's. I heard only tidbits of the conversation but i could make out words like "officer" and "stake out", so i amused it was a police man. i stopped listening after i discerned this until i heard the young man yell outside "come on in guys". I heard shuffling of feet, too many feet for what should be just a few officers. I marked my page and opened my door to see what was going on outside. I saw two dozen men with crow-bars and baseball bats tearing up our house. it was only me and my mom home tonight so she tried her best to stop them. "Officer, you have no right to enter my home without my permission" she yelled at the young man clad in an officer suit. He just gave a wry smile and said, "Well, good thing we're not cops then". Without another word, he pulled out a gun and put the barrel to my mother's head.