• He goes through this pain, leaving everything else behind.
    His heart can't take it anymore and He want's it to leave for good.
    His soul cries day and night, wishing the pain will just leave.
    But in the real world he doesn't.

    He doesn't really know what causes his pain.
    Maybe a sickness,illness or dieseas.
    He want's whatever it is gone, and to dissapear for good.

    He dream's nothing. Just pure blackness.
    He wakes up early and does the same thing everyday.

    He get's tired of this.. His life is just full of dullness and pure pain.
    He can't take it anymore..

    Thing's wouldn't be normal if he does what he thinks.

    Maybe he doesn't want it to be normal..
    He thrives for the excitement.
    The eagerness to change what is needed to be changed.

    Nothing on this world will do that for him..
    nothing... not love, not life risking events, no drug dealing, no killing..

    Just Nothing.

    Pain keeps coming in harder, sometimes briefly.
    Pain is his friend... For alittle while that is..
    He wants his life over with, but this time without the pain.

    7 hours later, found dead at 2:43pm.

    Due to overdose of amount diffrent type of pills, he commited his suicide.
    'He' is not 'He' anymore...
    just a nobody who lived a hard life and couldn't take the boredness, or neathier the pain anymore